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Top 7 Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards

best tenkeyless mechanical keyboards

Your old keyboard is starting to wear out, and you decide to throw it out the window and replace a new keyboard.

I’m sure the Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard is precisely what you need.

And you are wondering which brand/model is good?

Do not worry! The following top 7 best tenkeyless mechanical keyboards will help you make a perfect choice.

Top 7 Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards

1. SteelSeries 64720 Apex M750 Tenkeyless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries 64720 Apex M750 Tenkeyless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Apex M750 is PC gaming keyboard features a sturdy Aerospace Aluminum frame with black matte finish making it stylish and durable. The series 5000 aluminum ensure your keyboard is lightweight, with zero-flex and a rock-solid base perfect for mechanical switches.


  • Fully programmable
  • It is compact and portable
  • Characteristics QX2 linear mechanical switches
  • Simple to Use pre-key RGB light
  • Attributes a Discord chat telling
  • Built To Last

2. Best TKL Mechanical Keyboard 2018: CORSAIR K65 LUX RGB

Best TKL Mechanical Keyboard 2018: CORSAIR K65 LUX RGB 

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Corsair’s K65 LUX RGB is pricey, but you get what you pay. Basically, it is like numerous other TKL mechanical gaming keyboards: a vinyl base with a metal framework and computer keyboard hood, Cherry MX switches, 1000Hz polling speed, and low-latency reaction, and total RGB lighting.


  • It has got dedicated buttons for volume (regrettably, not an analog dial), mute, light level, and Windows lock.
  • It also contains a detachable wrist wrest, which can be considered heresy by several tenkeyless makers.
  • Corsair’s applications, while design, is quite flexible and impressive.
  • It has a USB pass-through port on the trunk

Corsair uses translucent Cherry MX Red switches to permit the LED lights to glow. If you do not enjoy MX Reds (a linear activity with no”click”), you are out of luck. That is the only available change type.

3. Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Logitech are on top of the game when it comes to peripherals and their keyboards don’t disappoint. The Logitech G Pro is their keyboard for the ‘G Pro’ series product line along with the G Pro headset and mouse. A good RGB tenkeyless mechanical computer keyboard along with all the features you require.


  • of these features is your RGB lighting, allowing for complete customization of the way you would like to plank to look.
  • The G Professional also has 26-key rollover and anti-ghosting performance for those rapid key presses.
  • It’s very portable as a result of its removable USB cable that makes it ideal for traveling to and from tournaments and competitions.
  • The board also includes a 3-step angle adjustment using rubberized feet for total customization of their height so that you may be sure it stays in the ideal height.
  • Like many mechanical boards available on the marketplace now the G Professional also boasts your usual function key macros letting you install some quick shortcuts.

If you’re like me, keep hitting that terrible windows key by accident while gaming then your luck. G Professional has “game mode” that lets you disable keys.

4. Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards Under 100: G. Skill RIPJAWS KM570 RGB

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The G.Skill Ripjaws KM570 RGB mechanical keyboard is an excellent choice for gamers searching for the legendary reliability and comfort of Cherry switches without the bulk and hefty price tag that accompany high-end gaming keyboards. If you already know which Cherry style you prefer and your customization needs are limited to lighting effects and a few macros here and there, then the KM570 should be near the top of your list of boards to consider.


  • Using only Real Cherry MX key switches with responsive 2mm actuation Space along with Also a 50 million keystroke endurance for long-lasting and quick gaming response
  • KM570 RGB allows you to control the light to every individual key.
  • The n-key rollover & 100 percent anti-ghosting layout on the KM570 RGB allows all of simultaneous key presses to be correctly registered, and that means that you may execute a number of tasks in precisely the exact same time without missing a beat.
  • Immediate access to volume control to simply decrease, increase, or mute the volume.
  • Instantly and easily access Windows programs, command media playback, and get computer control through mix purpose hotkeys!


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Blackwidow X Chroma from Razer is a tenkeyless mechanical computer keyboard which provides both trustworthy durability and top-notch functionality.

It is available in a compact and slick design constructed with military standard metal which makes it rugged and durable. The sturdy construction makes sure that the players enjoy elite performance even through the extreme gaming sessions.


  • Constructed with durable material to withstand extreme gaming sessions
  • Features programmable backlit keys
  • Has 16.8 million color selections
  • Boasts mechanical switches which function at an optimal space
  • Compatible with Mac OS, PC and Windows 7/8/10

6. Best Wireless Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards: CORSAIR K63

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The CORSAIR K63 is a brand new unit for 2018 which utilizes CHERRY MX switches.

It’s Bluetooth built-in to get a wireless arrangement or may use a wired link.

The K63 is a superb device for people who prefer to utilize Cherry MX switches which work nicely when gaming or just typing.

7. USA Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 Tenkeyless

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Filco has been in existence for a little while now and though they’re slightly more difficult to get your hands on they’re definitely worth your time if you’re able to see them in stock. The Ninja Majestouch-2 is my own personal favorite and following analyzing my coworkers, this is undoubtedly going to be my second plank to add to my collection.

There are two variations, one using all the keycap printings on the upper and the other using the keycap printings on the front.


  • The Majestouch-2 has complete N-key rollover allowing for simultaneous key pressing.
  • The plank has committed circuitry into the PCB, so it avoids double pressing.
  • The board also ports with USB or PS/2, the latter allows for longer key duplication.

There’s not any macro operation or networking keys if that is something that’s valuable to you then await the forthcoming boards on the listing.


Tenkeyless keyboards are compact and simple to use. With no number pad, you also get more benefits like additional space on your desktop computer, sufficient space for your mouse and also a lightweight keyboard for portability, secure and safe packaging.

Size matters when it has to do with a computer keyboard, but again it depends upon that you would like to use the computer keyboard for.

Tenkeyless is the ideal mechanical keyboard for everybody since it features a performance of their full-size keyboard, but should you require dedicated multimedia keys, and tenkeyless does not provide that.

Hope this article helps you choose the best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard for your needs


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