Should you buy the best black garlic fermenter machine

With many good uses for human health, black garlic is increasingly popular and trusted by many, but the price of black garlic is now relatively high. Therefore use black garlic fermenter machine for home processing as a method is quite useful and cost savings.

However, it is good to buy an excellent black garlic machine which is relatively difficult for consumers. So this article will help you solve the problem most efficiently. Let’s explore the details!

But first, we learn together what black garlic is and how it works!

best black garlic fermenter machines

What is black garlic?

Black garlic is the final product made from the Maillard reaction to turn ordinary garlic into black garlic. This process will take place for several weeks in a row. The whole fresh garlic will be heated under different temperatures and humidity.

Fresh garlic after the fermentation process will taste like the taste of syrup.

The effect of black garlic

  • Cholesterol Reduction and Effective Cancer Prevention: The reason is that black garlic contains S-allylcysteine and a second Amino Acid Cysteine derivative compared to regular garlic. These two substances together to work extremely effective in preventing cancer.
  • Strengthen the immune system: Allicin is present in black garlic if the body absorbs it. It will be an essential catalyst in boosting the body’s immune system and preventing the invasion of bacteria.
  • Anti-aging: Elderly, the problem of aging and related diseases such as arthritis, chronic… great threat. Black garlic is not potent but if used correctly will work to reverse the problem of aging.
  • Treatment of hypertension: According to a recent study from the Nanjing University of China, said that if patients use black garlic regularly for 14 days, the blood pressure indicators of patients with hypertension was reduced to about 34.6%.
  • Liver detoxification: Threonine along with methionine in black clay is considered to be an essential amino acid in promoting fat in the liver, thereby helping to protect and detoxify the liver.
  • Beautify skin and promote hair growth: In addition to the catalysts as mentioned above in the black clay contains Vitamin B2 help not only skin beauty but also support the growth of hair growth.
  • Improving memory: In addition to Vitamin B2, black garlic also contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin B1 will provide energy to the brain, increase carbohydrate oxidation function, thereby helping the brain to speed up and improve memory effectively.

Side effects of black garlic

  • Black garlic has many beneficial effects for the health of the patient but if you overeat in a day will cause some adverse effects, especially for people with allergic history, when Using over-the-counter black garlic may cause symptoms such as nausea, sweating, or diarrhea.

How to use black garlic properly and effectively

How to eat black garlic properly while promoting the effect is also considered art. Here you will find some of the most effective uses of black garlic.

1. Use black garlic directly

This way of eating black garlic is straightforward so any of us almost know, just peeled and used immediately. This helps the body absorb the best nutrients from black garlic.

Note when used:

  • Dosage 2-4 bulbs/day, the best time to use black garlic is before eating in the morning, you need to thoroughly chew the black garlic and drink into a glass of filtered water.
  • For children from 1 to 12 years old should only use black garlic maximum one bulb per day.
  • For adults and children 12 years or older should use 1-2 bulbs/day.
  • Pregnant women should use 2 – 4 bulbs a day, but it is best to follow your doctor.

2. Take the black garlic juice

If you do not want to eat directly, you can use this method of pressing garlic, you take out about 4-5g of black garlic and put into a bowl of warm water. Then, put them all into a multipurpose blender to mash and filter through the sieve to remove residue.

This method is more commonly used by men than men. In part because it saves time, you can grind a large amount of black garlic juice and put it in the cooler of the refrigerator for later use. In addition, for ease of use you can use with juices or vitamins.

3. Soak black garlic with honey

Black garlic is combined with honey will work very well in the treatment of throat diseases such as flu, sore throat or stomach pain.

How to do: Take about 150g black garlic peeled off the shell into the glass jar and pour honey into the black garlic. Soaking for about 20 days is usable.

4. Soak the black garlic with alcohol

Just like when soaked with honey, black garlic, if infused with juice, is a remedy to prevent diseases such as heart disease, cancer or reduce blood fat is very useful.

How to do: Take about 250g black peeled garlic and soak with 1 liter of white wine in about ten days is usable.

Should buy black garlic to use always or buy a black garlic fermenter machine to save costs?

This is a question many people ask, if you learn about black garlic you will find that today the price of 1kg black lemongrass (a branch) will range from $70- $150 / kg. This price will fluctuate depending on the origin and brand of black garlic, of which the most popular and most popular are the lonely black garlic Ly Son, Viet Nam.

Along with Ly Son, Blaga is also considered one of the famous black garlic brand. This brand of black garlic originates from Japan but is produced in Vietnam.

Indeed the cost of buying black garlic is very high, so the choice of black garlic is considered a perfect alternative. Only with the initial price of $100- $200 you have got yourself a great tool that can create black garlic anytime anywhere.

How to choose the best black garlic fermenter machine

1. Understand the need to buy a machine to make black garlic

With many benefits to human health such as reducing blood fat, preventing cancer, preventing diabetes … so the demand for black garlic is increasing.

However, before deciding to buy, you have to consider whether you need to spend a lot of money or not, avoid the case of running in bulk and buyback do not like to waste again.

2. How much do black garlic machines cost?

Once we understand our needs, next we come to the prices needed when buying.

According to our observations, a black garlic machine is available on the market at an average price of over $100, of which the most expensive is the black garlic machine for nearly $300.

3. Design and design of black garlic making machine

The black garlic machine is designed quite similar to the rice cooker, the way of operation, as well as the action, is effortless with a single button.

4. Black garlic making machine uses safe material

Your health will be severely affected if you select the wrong tool, the primary material used today is the plastic or stainless steel external hard case, the inner part of the history. Stainless steel materials are durable and resistant to heat, excellent heat resistance.

These are substances that are not only safe for human health but also easy to clean as well as clean.

5. Machine capacity

The volume of choice should match the quantity of garlic/batch you will be processing. For example, if you process about 1.5 to 2 kg, the size may be 4-5 liters.

When you want to process more garlic, choose larger machines to increase the efficiency, while reducing the number of garlic to pick the tool with the small capacity to save costs.

6. Machine power

Capacity will depend and proportional to size, with a function of 5L is equivalent to a size of about 90W, with large capacity machines, the service can increase. But with a capacity of about 90W is relatively okay, this is also the power level is very popular.

7. Utility, features of the machine

Essential elements of the device such as: drying garlic, some support more LED. This feature we will detail and detail in the evaluation of each product.

8. How long is the warranty?

Warranty period also supports you pretty much in the process of using the product, so you need to pay attention.

Usually, the machines have a warranty period of 12-24 months when purchased genuine. With a warranty period like this will help you be more secure.

Top 5 best black garlic fermenter machines by 2018

TTLIFE Automatic Black Garlic Fermenter Black Garlic Ferment Box Garlic Maker Recycle Intelligent Fermentation Machine 110V
  • ★5L High-end Professional black garlic fermenter with aluminum inner cooking pot and digital countdown control. Equipped with an intelligent 360 degrees hot air convection and humidity circle system to ensure make perfect black garlic.
  • ★With using unique smart solo garlic, garlic chooses the fermentation function, you can choose the fermentation time: 12-15 days (289-360 hours) can be adjusted to meet different taste effects, different time needs of choice, good practicality.
  • ★Good air circulation, uniform temperature, convenient operation, any garlic should not easy slide when put, thick aluminum alloy garlic frame make it good strength and more healthy, the surface after use clean, beautiful, hygienic, easy to clean , no internal residual sewage after using.
  • ★Under normal working condition, if there is abnormal or power failure, the microcomputer will automatically remember the working state before power failure, after the power is restored, it will automatically restore the working status before the power failure.
  • ★Black garlic taste sweet and sour, no bitter no pungent garlic, no garlic smell, antioxidant resist acidification and the health benefits.The Black Garlic and fermenter is designed to provide a natural option for fermenting garlic while maintaining its original taste and efficiency.
5L Black Garlic Fermenter Full Automatic Intelligent Control Garlics Maker Multiple Clove Garlic DIY Cooker,120V
  • Black Garlic Fermenter Capacity: 5L, 2.2lb garlic (single clove garlic/ multiple clove garlic),make sure you put garlics full of the cooker everytime,The more you put in ,the better taste it will be .
  • Easy to operate: With 2 Smart Programs for easy fermenting solo garlic and multiple clove garlic
  • Garlic Cooker Working Time:7-12 days(automatic drying black garlic maker),Normally 9 days is okay,black garlic will be a little sour and sweet
  • Power :110-120V for USA and Canada family.(supply us charger pin)
  • UPS/EMS door to door service:5-10days
Black Garlic Fermenter full automatic intelligent Black Garlic Maker DIY Bronze
  • Intelligent type with full automatic: Without waiting, make it easy for you to rest assured;
  • Quickly increase temperature control: Microcomputer integrated controller, the automatic temperature control, fast and accurate.
  • Nonstick liner: Non-stick layer aluminum tank, make the central rapid heating;
  • Fermentation is fast: Only 12 days to complete;
  • The appliance has completion of the fermented black Garlic, need to proceed "natural drying" procedure and it is better to wait 5-7 days to eat.

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