What is aswbIDSAgent? How to disable aswbIDSAgent?

Avast software included AVG’s behavior analysis aka behavior shield into its 2017 products, which scans for running programs and protects against zero-second threats, ransomware, and other malware. With Avast 2017 installed, you can notice Avast Identity Protection Service with process name aswbIDSAgent running under the Processes tab in the Task Manager. So, what is aswbIDSAgent?

What is aswbIDSAgent ?

aswbIDSAgent is Avast Identity Protection Service. It should be active and running, and it is behavior shield if you’ve any reasons to disable the service temporarily. It’s a Behavior Shield process. Behavior Shield is a new proactive protection feature to keep users safe from new unknown malware.

What is aswbIDSAgent? How to disable aswbIDSAgent?

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How to disable aswbIDSAgent ?

  1. Open Avast user interface
  2. Click on Settings > components, for Behavior shield, choose ‘Stop permanently‘.

Note: You can also remove Avast’s Behavior shield by visiting components in Settings, but we won’t recommend to do that.

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