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Top 7 Best Automatic Pill Dispensers 2019

Top 7 Best Automatic Pill Dispensers

When you need to have a lot of medication nevertheless sometimes you overlook the ideal time or the right dose, then there’s a remedy for you. The best automatic pill dispenser can help you look after your health and make your treatment better.

List Of 7 Best Automatic Pill Dispensers

#1 – e-pill | MedTime XL | Automatic Pill Dispenser Locked with Patient Dispensing History Log | up to 28 Daily Doses | Dose Alarm, Patient Log, Early dose up to 30 minutes before scheduled medication time

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The e-pill MedTime XL is an Easy to Use Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser from e-pill Medication Reminders. When it’s time to choose your medications, the machine will alert, prompting the individual to turn over the device, dispensing medications to a cup or your own hands.

The original Made In Sweden pill dispenser stays popular after 18 years on the industry.


  • Fully Automatic Pill Dispenser
  • Simple to Set-Up
  • Unlimited Amount of Dispenses daily (around 28 times daily )
  • Lockable with Key (2 included)
  • Long Alarm Time Duration (up to 60 minutes)
  • Alarm: Loud Sound

#2 – LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser, 28-Day Electronic Medication Organizer with Alarm Reminders, Flashing Light and Safety Lock – Dispenses Prescriptions Up To 6 Times Per Day – Clear Lid

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LiveFine’s Automatic 28-Day Pill Dispenser keeps medication doses locked off until the precise moment they have to be taken. With a timer and alarms, this protects against mistaken or cracked dosages while eliminating the requirement for continuous refilling.

To give reassurance to patients and their caregivers, alarms can be easily programmed into the minute through the LCD interface. You can quickly personalize the medication regimen with a single of 6 rotating templates for 1-6 daily doses.

Forgetful patients may rely on this device because of their reliable private nurse for several years to come. Battery-operated (4 AAs included).

#3 – Livi Smart Pill Dispenser for Home Medication Management dispenses up to 15 medications (with up to a 90 Day Supply) Including Controlled substances. Allows Caregiver to Monitor med Usage remotely.

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Livi automatic pill dispenser supplies medications exactly when people need them, based on doctors’ directions. Dispenses up to 90-days of 15 unique pills.

Plan the dispenser to launch the ideal pills at the ideal time, multiple times every day, and receive email or text alerts when drugs are dispensed or if your loved one misses a dose.

#4 – GMS Med-e-lert 28 Day Automatic Pill Dispenser 6 Alarms with 6 Dosage Rings and 1 Metal Key (Clear and Solid Lids Included)

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GMS MED-E-LERT can help to make sure that medicines are taken correctly and in time. Our fully automatic pill box dispenser is easy to setup and easy to use! An alarm will ring, and a light will blink for 30-minutes or till tablets are dispensed. The dispenser may be installed to 6 times each day with six dose rings.

The MED-E-LERT dispenser has 28 compartments sized for 18 aspirin sized pills… that will be a 20% bigger compartment dimensions compared to other automatic pill dispensers. Ideal for in-home usage, by caregivers within an assisted living facility and entirely portable for accept the move.

Programming is kept in memory even if the batteries are replaced or removed.

#5 – Automatic Pill Dispenser Daily Medication Organizer Vitamin Organizer

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This automated pill dispenser comprises 28 compartments, each capable of carrying up to 18 pills (roughly the size of the Aspirin). Loud alarm and flashing LED awake when it is time to dispense.

The alarm will last until the device is turned upside down, or to get half an hour, whichever occurs first. Unit may be programmed to dispense up to 6 times every day for 28 days without refilling.  Comes with 1 clear and 1 solid colored lid

#6 – e-pill | MedTime Automatic Pill Dispenser Locked with Tipping Station | White | 6 Doses Per Day | Dose Alarm, Stainless steel dose cup, Helps patient with limited dexterity

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The e-pill MedTime Station includes all you’ll need; automatic pill dispenser, lock, keys (2), tipper with handle, stainless steel medication dispensing cup, batteries (4 X AA), four”sticky feet” to secure your e-pill MedTime Station and guide.

How-It-Works: Alerts and Dispense around Six (6) days every Day. Works like some Kettle Tipper / Tea Tipping device. Perfect for individuals using medication-induced tremors, or limited dexterity. After the alarm is sounding/light is flashing, only move the blue manage forward to dispense drugs to the medication cup. Pills fall in the medication cup (re-usable stainless steel dispensing cup is comprised ) when the handle is moved ahead. The alarm/blinking lighting is automatically turned off.

#7 – e-pill | MedSmart | Automatic Pill Dispenser w/Patient Compliance Dashboard w/Docking Station | 6 Doses Per Day | Early Dose button, High Capacity, Displays number of doses left, AC Power, Battery

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The locked e-pill MedSmart pill dispenser reminds the user when medication ought to be taken and makes the right dose accessible. This version is much more powerful with an AC powered docking station (included), bigger compartments, and easy-to-hold rubberized grips for those who have dexterity issues. This device can alarm around 6 times every day.

  • Lockable with 2 Keys and 2 Trays
  • Optional Early Dose attribute
  • Extended Alarm Duration
  • Alarm with Sound and Blinking Light
  • AC operation. AC adapter and backup batteries included.
  • Patient Compliance Dashboard informs users how many doses are left for the day.


The above collection of the top 7 best automatic pill dispensers has really come to enhance your life. If you’re trying to buy automatic pill dispensers, then search no more. Make a move and get some of the listed top 7 automatic pill dispensers. It’s a worthwhile purchase.

Hope this article is helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

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