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Top 7 best backpacking sleeping bags under $100 (2019 Reviews)

If you are going to be spending some time sleeping in the outdoors, among the most vital pieces of kit you can purchase is a backpacking sleeping bag. You’ll need this to stay warm in your tent and have a cozy night’s sleep.

Your backpacking sleeping bag is an integral item of equipment you will want when settling down for the evening. You want to find one that’s small and light enough to transport but also warm enough to keep you comfy.

Selecting the best backpacking sleeping bag is vital, mainly if you spend long periods on your tent. While purchasing a new shelter for biking, there are lots of factors you need to think about. Here you can find out all you want to know about buying a backpacking sleeping bag under $100.

List of 7 best backpacking sleeping bags under $100

1. WINNER OUTFITTERS Mummy Sleeping Bag

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If you’re searching for a strong 3-4 season, this is among the best lightweight sleeping bags for backpacking on the market. This Winner Outfitters mummy Sleeping Bag is intended for individual using in cottages and camping tents outside in temperate states. It’s a must-have thing for hiking or camping.

It is intended to allow your sleep easily and keep you warm in the top to bottom. It utilizes a specific quilting structure to remove potential cold spots. The full-size draft tube cubes heat loss through the zipper and protects against chilly entering, and also a box-shaped foot provides you extra room to maneuver your toes. When you are done, it’s simple to put away it from the fabric bag.


  • 350T Polyester rip-stop cover(it’s water resistant) and 350T polyester lining(you feel confortable when you lie in it).
  • Box-shaped foot for added room to move.
  • SBS zipper and drawstring, it’s snag-free opening and closing.
  • Unzip the bottom for extra ventilation on warmer nights.
  • The drawstring-adjustable hood surrounds your head to keep you hot
  • Offer Stuff sack for quick and easy storage.
  • It is machine washable.

2. Abco Tech Sleeping Bag

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This is only one of the most inexpensive backpacking sleeping bags for guys. Despite its price, this sleeping bag provides everything you’d expect from a fantastic quality sleeping bag.

High-quality materials are utilized to create this sleeping bag. This sleeping bag is for use in almost any sport, even in extreme circumstances. They’ve double-filled S-shaped quilting for extra insulation and a waterproof outer layer.

At only 86 inches long like the hood, this sleeping bag is acceptable for tall men and women. It’s 30 inches broad, so there’s loads of space to maneuver around. Regardless of being roomy, this is a streamlined sleeping bag that packs firmly.


  • Dual fill technology for Additional protection to your own body
  • Skin Care – Polyester liner feels comfortable about the skin
  • Has zipper weatherstripping layout with drawstring structure
  • Generously sized – guarantees optimum comfort without adding a lot of Added Pounds
  • Includes polyester fill – dries fast, stays durable and non-allergenic
  • High-quality Comfort and correctly done stitches guarantee durability
  • Safe for Machine Wash
  • Wash in cold water and allow it to air dry.

3. TETON Sports LEEF Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag

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Here is the best backpacking sleeping bag beneath 100. Coming in at 3 pounds and 8 ounces it isn’t the lightest choice on the listing. You receive a bargain price for adequate warmth. Unfortunately, that additional weight makes it bulky for backpacking. The hood is designed to pull tightly around the face for extra warmth.

The liner is soft to the touch along with the foot is made with lots of space on your toes. But do not just take our word for it read the reviews! The LEEF is assisting keep backpackers and campers warm and comfy from The Great Outdoors. Body mapping using warmer wrought foot-box provides additional warmth and relaxation for feet even in icy conditions.


  • Thermal Enhancing, Double-Layer Offset Stitch Construction Means No Cold Spots.
  • Keeps You Warm and Packs Down for Backpacking, Camping, and Hiking Anywhere.
  • Shell: 40D Water-Resistant Ripstop
  • Lining: Brushed Poly-Flannel
  • Hood that contours your face and can cinch down tightly for added warmth.
  • Interior storage pocket for your wallet or keys.
  • Added padding along the zipper keeps drafts out.
  • Taped, anti-snag zippers are smooth rolling and open from the top or the bottom for optimal warmth or ventilation.

4. Coleman Brazos 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

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It is the best backpacking sleeping bag under $100, it is super comfy, spacious and contains a no-snag zipper. Constructed for temperatures between 20- and 40-degrees Fahrenheit, this tote needs to see you through many moderate camping situations.

I believe that it would make a good”first” sleeping bag to get a teenager. Probably not great for more hikes or even colder weather.


  • Roll Control: Simplifies packing by locking the edges of the bag together to keep your bag straight as you roll it up.
  • Quick Cord: Snaps and locks, eliminating the need to tie or knot the cord after the bag has been rolled, for easy 1-person packing.
  • ZipPlow: Uses a zipper guide to push fabric away from the zipper’s teeth for snag-free opening and closing.
  • Comfort Cuff: Adds rich material to the edge of the bag, giving you soft, relaxing comfort close to your face while you sleep.

5. Kelty Tuck 22F Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag

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Individuals who like camping and outdoor pursuits in colder months will love the amount of heat this ultralight sleeping bag provides.

Full of functionality ThermaPro insulation that is intended to keep warmth and readily compress, this tote takes synthetic fiber mix into a whole other level. There is even an exceptional relaxation tuck you could unzip, to set your toes outside swimming on warmer nighttime. Wherever you are going, this is guaranteed to be your go-to tote.

There’s a zip from the foot region which lets you release your toes if you’re feeling overly warm in hot weather or to give yourself more foot space. Like most other sleeping bags, the principal complaint of this product is the zipper has stuck frequently when adjusting the tote. Even though this is a slight annoyance, it isn’t something which has put people off with this sleeping bag.


  • ThermaPro Insulation with EN Lower Limited Rating: 22° F / -6° C
  • Comfort-Tuck Zipper System with a foot vent
  • Thermal-comfort hood and natural fit foot box
  • Media-integrated storage pocket
  • Offset quilt construction
  • Zipper draft tube with anti-snag design
  • FatMan and Ribbon drawcords
  • Stuff sack included

6. NORSENS Hiking Camping Backpacking Sleeping Bag Lightweight

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NORSENS sleeping bag is a 3-season sleeping bag. That is ideal for spring, summer, and autumn. The outer shell of NORSENS sleeping bag is made from a stronger polyester which could withstand harsh camping surroundings and stay dry once the weather gets wet. The polyester pongee lining is comfortable, cushioned and skin-friendly. The turning cotton filling is ultralight, warm and soft. There’s a Half-circle hood with adjustable drawstring at the top maintaining your mind warmer.

This sleeping bag readily fits people that are more than six feet. There’s also a lot of space to maneuver in the tote, which will The zipper is a double zip which makes getting in and out easier.

This sleeping bag has a score of zero degrees, which means that you may use it during the entire year but not in extreme conditions.

This is only one of the best backpacking sleeping bags for chilly weather but isn’t acceptable for icy conditions. Unless you’re in extreme circumstances, this sleeping bag will keep you warm, cozy, and comfortable. The only complaint about the product is it is tough to pack away from the bag supplied, and it consumes too much space in a backpack.


  • Magic sticker tape: Magic sticker tape is to fix neckline and prevent zippers from slipping.
  • Comfort: Soft and warm spinning cotton filling, Skin-friendly polyester pongee liner, the water-resistant polyester cover which gives you a comfortable sleep.
  • As a quilt or mat: Unzip it to be used as a quilt or rug for couples/ a parent with a child.
  • Washable: Our NORSENS sleeping bag can be washed not only by hand but also by machine.

7. Northstar Tactical Coretech Mummy, Multi Layer Core Sleeping Bag

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CoreTech Bags are made to maintain your body’s heart at a more comfortable temperature. Contains a third coating of”Ultra Compactable Siliconized Air Core fills” from the torso region of the bag. Keeps warm airlocks and in cold air out. The warmth generated by your heart will circulate throughout the human body for ultimate comfort and functionality.

CoreTech Bags are intended to utilize the insulating material in the most effective way possible by placing the insulation where your body needs it all. Fully adjustable tapered hood, complete chest baffle, zipper shield to keep the zipper from grabbing a cloth and insulated draft tube prevents cold air out. Its relaxation evaluation is 15 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s hydrophobic artificial fill for additional insulation. The Coretech layout means there is an extra layer of insulation over the chest to heat the center. It’s 86 inches. Therefore it’s acceptable for tall folks, and it’s a shaped foot place for individuals with bigger feet.

For people who camp, hike, and backpack in most weather conditions, this lasting sleeping bag will keep you warm on the coldest nights. For the price, it’s very excellent quality. Every element of the sleeping bag is carefully designed to create sure that it’s a fantastic selection for people who camp in a variety of ailments. The sole complaint about those sleeping bags is the stitching on the bag’s interior is feeble, and many individuals have reported holes emerging across the seams.


  • Coretech Specifics: Coretech bags wrap an additional layer of fill around the abdominal region of the sleeping bag, where the body needs it most. Reduced weight with minimal loss of heat.
  • Built For Life: Heavy duty design elements include soft poly rip-stop shell fabric, large #10 dual slider zippers, hydrophobic synthetic high loft fill, and a tough compression tote.
  • 3D Gusseted Design: Air core fill reinforced sidewall keeps bag big providing room for large feet and makes rolling over easy for a bigger person in the tapered mummy shape.
  • Security Pocket: Internal pocket between chest and hood baffles to keep precious items hidden while you are away or asleep. Be close to your passport, wallet, jewelry, or mobile alarm clock.


Even in case you’ve got a restricted budget for purchasing your backpacking equipment, you will still find lots of choice in your price range. There are lots of excellent backpacking sleeping bags under $100, and your favored choice will be contingent on just how and when you’re planning to utilize the sleeping bag.

Hopefully, now you’ll be in a better position to choose the right backpacking sleeping bag for your next adventure.

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