Top 7 Best Churchwarden Pipes For Tobacco Reviews

Best Churchwarden Pipes

Churchwarden pipes stem back into a period in history in which churches not ever locked their doors. It is said that throughout this period churchwardens or guards kept an eye on the construction at nighttime.

One thing which helped them pass the time was tobacco, and thus they’d pipes created with exceptionally long stems to prevent the pipe and wake of their tobacco out of getting inside their line of sight. Also known as studying pipes, the very long stem enables you to enjoy a pipe while looking down to see your favorite book.

The Churchwarden pipe is a special piece for your collection.

List Of 7 Best Churchwarden Pipes

#1 – Vauen Auenland Siman Sandblasted Churchwarden Tobacco Briar 9MM Pipe

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Inspired from the dream world of a unique British pipesmoker along with also the father of contemporary dream (he, himself, even a fellow pipesmoker)

The Auenland show from Vauen introduces an assortment of Churchwarden styles, including beechwood stems which were scraped and tipped with acrylic for additional comfort and easier cleanup.

This Siman delivers a sandblasted, Tankard-like bowl, appearing like it might be very at home in the hands of, say, some grey-bearded wizard.

Product information:

  • Made of Briar Wood
  • Made in Germany
  • 9MM Filtered pipe, but comes with non filter adapter
  • Comes with box & Sheath

#2 – Vauen Enzian Long Churchwarden Pipe

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Vauen “Enzian” Unique Churchwarden Pipe”A very unusual layout that’s reminiscent of a so called “Gesteckpfeife” from preceding times. It is located in front and lets you smoking. The stem is made from beech wood as well as the mouthpiece of oil.”

Original Pipe Box and Sleeve MADE IN GERMANY

Product information:

  • Made in Germany
  • Incl. Gift Box
  • Inter Tabac Star in Dortmund, 2016
  • Comes with Free Pipe Adapter to reduce the tenon to 3.5mm
  • Made of briar wood

#3 – Pirate Dragon III Pear Wood Hand Carved small Churchwarden Tobacco Smoking Pipe

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For your attention, there’s a fantastic hand carved smoking pipe. Incrustation of the model is exceptional, amazes with its initial satisfaction of jewelry, bowl dividing and sophistication of style. BRAND NEW NEVER USED! Please be aware that color and shape may vary somewhat from the image. Each product is handmade and minor variations may occur.

Product information:

  • Bowl material – pear tree root.
  • Mouthpiece – pear tree wood, real leather and acrylic plastic fits 9mm filter.
  • Length 13.4″/34cm – Height of bowl 2.4″/6cm – Diameter of bowl inner 0.7″/1.8cm – Depth of bowl 1.8″/4.5cm.

#4 – Churchwarden pipe KAF233 White Smoking pipe long 9’5 in Wooden tobacco pipe handmade by KAFpipeWorkshop


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This pipe is an excellent option! It created from carefully chosen wood. For the production of pipes that they utilized pear trees, obsolete in organic drying for a minimum of two years.

The good coating leaves the pipe shiny and resistant to elevated temperatures. Mouthpieces produced from real ebonite of the maximum quality. Shading pipes made from quality Italian stained.

The last polishing of goods made out of elegant wax. Pipe mouthpiece is made of ebonite. The pipe is FORWARD FLOW (not for filter). Each of their plumbing has high-end technology!!!

Additionally, it’s a fantastic aesthetic look. High quality and tasteful traditional design difference our smoking pipes.

KAFpipes deliver true joy into the smoker and also be the exclusive gift to friends or your loved ones or some fantastic addition to your personal collection.

Besides they make tampers, stands for both pipes and cigarette holders. Choose from our variety of pipe shapes and other accessories for smokers.

Product information:

  • Great choice: To get a beginner smoker and to get a more experienced.
  • Dimensions: Total Length: 240 mm/ 9.5 in/Bowl Height: 50 mm/2.0 in/Outside Diameter: 34mm/1.4 in/Chamber Diameter: 20 mm/0.8 in/Chamber Depth: 40 mm/ 1.6 in/Forward flow pipe
  • KafpipeWorkshop: Here is a Brand You could expect! They produce their tobacco pipes love and higher quality because of 1996
  • Exclusive Ukrainian handmade: they’re a producer, not a reseller of the smoking pipe! So that you get this item right from the horse’s mouth area using higher quality from the very best and reduced cost. – Pipe bowl out of eco PEAR wood, natural color with real ebonite stem.
  • Unique gift: The normal color of the pear provides elegance to almost any smoker. For each and each pipe smoker and collector.

#5 – Churchwarden Tobacco Mahogany Pipe “Set” – With Stand & 3-in-1 Tamper Tool- Hand Made by

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This pipe in this set is a Hand Made by Mr. Brog at Poland, Model Number 14 Churchwarden.

This is definitely the most popular pipe within their assortment of over 100 versions.

It’s created of the roots of trees that are wavy, and so are equal to briar pipes.

The pipe is trademark stamped with all the Mr. Brog seal, also Model #.

Product information:

  • High Quality – For Severe Regular Smokers
  • Excellent pipe rack – folds out for traveling – lightweight and slim
  • Comes in Gift Box – little moderate size bowl
  • Lightweight 3-in-1 Pipe instrument
  • Mr. Brog has offered over 1,000,000 Pipes in Eastern Europe
  • Stand The stand is fold-able, and also quite lightweight. Will surely match on your spade.

#6 – Long Tobacco smoking pipe”Lightning” with gemstone Turquoise 12.99in Wood Gandalf Pipe Churchwarden long Hobbit pipe Wizard pipe

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Exclusive smoking pipe “lightning”, handmade! For the manufacturing pipes, they use timber pear. These trees grow within their area. This substance is just one of the very best for smoking pipes. Wood dried in organic states for two years.

I’m with inspiration and love create those pipe. This pipe is filled with bead Turquoise! On account of this fluorescence, this pipe awakens incredibly lovely in the dim! You’ll be thrilled as she seems at nighttime!! Intended for smoking tobacco.

It’s the ideal gift for someone special! Pipes made out of top quality materials and we also promise that you will delight in this buy for several years! We creatively and carefully packaged our plumbing! Sounds amazing!

Product information:

  • Full length: 33cm/ 12.99 in.
  • Mouthpiece length: 11cm /4.33in.
  • Material: Pear wood.
  • Finish Type: Canauba wax

#7 – Savinelli Italian Tobacco Smoking Pipes, Churchwarden Rusticated Black 601

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This pipe is constructed for relaxation. It has an easy-to-hold bowl and long stem equilibrium perfectly on your hands, maintaining smoke away from the own eyes, also allowing for a longer passive smoke.

With an aluminum stem and rusticated end, this very long pipe stands out with its sophisticated look.

Product information:

  • Length: 10.28 in.
  • Weight: 1,45 oz.
  • Filter: None.
  • Steam Material: Acrylic.
  • Material: Briar.
  • Chamber Depth: 1,51 in.
  • Chamber Diameter: 0,73 in.


There are various churchwarden pipes in the market, making it very difficult to choose.

The article “best churchwarden pipes” above will help you list the 7 best products that are handmade from the most famous manufacturer, will undoubtedly satisfy even the most difficult.

Hope this article is helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

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