Top 7 Best Conference Room Microphones Reviews In 2019

Top 7 Best Conference Room Microphones

It’s necessary to stress that settling for one of the best conference room microphones is critical. Typically, people concentrate on the video part. They overlook that the sound is much more important than the movie. Imagine that you find the person on the opposite side of the display, obviously. What good does it do you if you cants listen to him?  The answer is clear. That’s the reason you have to select a video conferencing microphone wisely.

List Of 7 Best Conference Room Microphones

#1 – Polycom 2200-23809-001 HDX Primary Ceiling Microphone

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  • A little more about the high-end side, this Polycom microphone may be expensive, but for a fantastic reason.
  • As anticipated, this microphone comes with 360-degree voice pickup, in 22kHz. In reality, this microphone is so strong it may cover up to 2,800 square feet.
  • The whole system incorporates with Polycom’s HDX movie solution, in addition to Polycom SounD Construction options.
  • If your organization is invested in a Polycom environment, subsequently spending the additional funds will be well worth it.

#2 – Conference Room Microphone Mixer: Wireless Conference Room Sound System 2 Ceiling Speakers, Mixer Amplifier, Shure Dual Mic Wireless System

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  • This Conference Room Sound System is the perfect conference room set up for installed audio system paging, audio distribution, and messaging programs. With many exciting and practical features, the CRS-29 Conference Room System delivers truly professional performance.
  • The new VCA8 Vector Ceiling Array takes ceiling speaker functionality to another level. The Vector is a highly innovative speaker theory that matches the demanding needs of sound systems. Vector Speakers’ pyramid layout fits into standard 2’x2′ or 2’x4′ ceiling tile grids, supplying an incredible 360 degrees of hemispheric sound. Vector ceiling speakers are fast and inexpensive to set up and are competitively priced.
  • The JBL CSMA 180 is a 4 channel, 80 Watt powered mixer-amplifier. This mixer amp features simplicity of use along with a clean, front panel comprising volume controllers and master volume adjustment, adjustable bass plus a power button.
  • The BLX1288/P31 double channel combo wireless network a part of this double channel combo wireless technologies family. It provides world-class layout and structure, quality, simple installation and functionality, courtesy of its incorporated PG58 mic capsule.

#3 – Best Boundary Conference Microphone: Philips 9172 Boundary Layer Conference Microphone for Digital Conference Recording Systems (LFH9172/00)

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  • The ideal complement for electronic conference recording systems. The Philips conference mic delivers superb audio quality, followed by excellent ease of usage. Revolutionary technologies in a simple form.
  • The revolutionary boundary layer mic is, rather than other conventional apparatus, non-directional. The design enables sound pick-up in the 360-degree radius, and so no important details have been missing. The conference microphone is not difficult to establish and place into operation.
  • Unlike other systems, there’s not any microphone stand demanded; simply put it around the conference table. So as to satisfy the future demands of your small business, the daisy chain feature of the boundary layer microphone permits the connection of up to 6 microphones to the recording device for bigger tables.
  • For maximum convenience, the cable is incorporated into the bottom of the microphone. Package includes conference microphone, adapter plug (3.5mm to 2.5mm), and adapter plug (analog).

#4 – Best Gooseneck Conference Microphone: Shure 515SBG-18X Cardioid Dynamic Low Z Attached 18-Inch Gooseneck Push-To-Talk Switch

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Handheld and Gooseneck Microphones for various sound reinforcement uses. It is designed for communicating systems such as transport, restaurant, commercial, and industrial programs. Contains 18″ gooseneck using A13HD thick mounting flange, PTT switch activates mic component and outside logic (if needed ), Four conductors, protected bare-ended cable.


  • Frequency response designed for voice intelligibility
  • Directional mic element with internal shock mount
  • Die-cast zinc case and grill
  • Does not require DC power for operation

#5 – Audio-Technica PRO 44 Cardioid Condenser Boundary Microphone

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  • Using its half-space unidirectional design pattern, low-profile layout, and exceptional audio quality, the PRO 44 is excellent for conference tables, podiums, lecterns and other installed-sound uses.
  • This flexible boundary mic’s self-contained electronics eliminate the need for external power modules.
  • The PRO 44 is outfitted with a wide-range condenser part with low-mass diaphragm for exceptional performance.

#6 – MXL Mics USB Microphone (MXL AC-360-Z)

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  • The MXL AC-360-Z is the Best Zoom and Zoom Space conference mic. Donating crystal clear sound in a whole 360° using 12 condenser capsules around a 25-foot radius.
  • Easily pick all available channels utilizing the Zoom Room control on almost any Mac or PC device through easy USB 3.0 along with USB 2.0 plug-and-play connectivity without having to get any drivers.
  • Decades of experience creating studio-recording microphones is baked directly into the MXL AC-360-Z. Twelve internal mic capsules, split into four quadrants, make sure 360° of ideal speech intelligibility within a 25-ft radius, with no dependence on any extra gear.
  • Strong, all-metal building and a reinforced frame provide the AC-360-Z additional durability for common office surroundings. The added locking DC power source guarantees that the AC-360-Z will not have accidentally unplugged during major meetings.

#7 – SoundTech CM-1000 3.5 mm Omni-directional Conference Microphone

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The CM-1000 conference microphone combines a sleek low profile using daisy chain capacity and 360º pickup for outstanding sound quality and highest protection. Ideal for all PC, Desktop, along with Handheld recording programs, such as Meetings, Interviews, Lectures, and Public Hearings.

  • Excellent audio clarity
  • Full 360 degree omni-directional
  • Built-in echo cancellation, noise reduction and full duplex communication
  • Daisy chain capability
  • Includes 5 ft. cord and 3.5mm stereo plug


In the listing above, you receive the best conference room microphones on the industry. With that in your disposal, then there are not any chances of choosing to get a pitiful item. From cardioid to omnidirectional among other kinds of microphones, the listing as mentioned above has everything that. Regarding the attributes, you finally have them in your fingertips.

Hope this article is helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

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