Top 7 Best Corded Electric String Trimmers: Rated And Reviews In 2019

Top 7 best corded electric string trimmers

A corded electric string trimmer puts into regions a lawn mower can not and may additionally handle artificial weeds or grass which may trigger a mower. It is the perfect tool for maintaining the borders of your garden or walkway neat and clean and also for manicuring round fence sticks and tree trunks.

All these trimmers change weight, layout one of other parameters and that is why this article is useful to give you the top 7 best corded electric string trimmers and edger

List Of 7 Best Corded Electric String Trimmers

#1 – BLACK+DECKER ST8600 5 Amp 13″ String Trimmer/Edger

BLACK+DECKER ST8600 5 Amp 13" String Trimmer/Edger

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  • The Black+Decker ST8600 is a much smaller, lighter, less costly corded electric weed eater. In case you’ve got a bigger lawn, this might be perfect for you.
  • For its size, the ST8600 seems surprisingly stable. The lighter weight (the heaviest trimmer at 5.35pounds ) is welcome and will help reduce fatigue.
  • The telescoping pole enables you to place up the trimmer to match your height.
  • One additional bonus using this trimmer is that the yard edger feature – it is possible to swivel the mind 180 degrees to utilize the same instrument to edge your yard. It saves the cost of having 2 gear, however, be warned that the trimmer may use a great deal of trimming when utilized within an edge.

#2 – Worx WG119 Electric Grass Trimmer with Tilting Shaft, 15-Inch

Worx WG119 Electric Grass Trimmer with Tilting Shaft, 15-Inch

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  • The WORX WG119 is just another exceptionally inexpensive corded string trimmer. The spec sheet appears quite similar to the majority of the additional budget trimmers readily available, but there are many remarkable differences for this version.
  • In addition to the telescopic rotating found on a lot of different trimmers, this version has a tilting head, so many users need to be able to locate a cozy setup.
  • The 660-watt engine is midsize in this business, but must be adequate for light obligation.
  • Though WORX calls it auto-feed, in this situation you stretch the line by pressing on button onto the spool, even while pulling gently on the endings of this trimmer line. I am unsure how automatic this really is nevertheless it will permit you to control the quantity of amount used, unlike any auto-feed implementations.
  • Being a real budget instrument, it suffers from a number of the very same problems as another lower-end trimmer, for example, thin .065″ lineup that doesn’t continue so long as the heftier line employed with more severe tools.

#3 – Greenworks 13-Inch 4 Amp Corded String Trimmer 21212

Greenworks 13-Inch 4 Amp Corded String Trimmer 21212

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The GreenWorks 21212 4 Amp corded series trimmer is among the most adored products of the full Greenworks business. Do not allow the relatively inexpensive cost fool you; this trimmer is ideal for comparatively smaller yards and standard marijuana thickness.

It is flexible, and lightweight makes it quite simple to use and gives access to regions that bigger trimmers can’t reach. The well-balanced design combined with the strong four glass engine makes it among the greatest trimmers for both small and medium sized lawns.

Although the trimmer fights with weeds that are harder, it is excellent for thick weeds and grasses.

The worth of this item is possibly the most appealing quality of GreenWorks 21212, and it’s the finest in the purchase price range. It is durable and includes a robust 4-year guarantee.

  • 4 Amp motor
  • Adjustable shaft length
  • 13 inch head space
  • Converts to Edger
  • Dual line of 0.065″
  • 4-year warranty

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#4 – Sun Joe SB601E Sharper Blade Stringless Electric Trimmer/Edger, Green

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  • Among the distinctive characteristics of this trimmer, one of each the trimmers mentioned within this guide is the fact that it doesn’t utilize strings because the cutter but rather is utilizing a distinctive blade named SharperBlade.
  • This is a new patented kind of blades which just chosen models are utilizing it.
  • About the mind, it can readily be rotated around 180 degrees for one to alter it in the yard trimmer into your lawn edger inside only a couple of second.
  • The cutting edge width of the stringless trimmer is a little more compact than the series trimmers mentioned previously. The cutting edge width of the stringless trimmer is simply for 12-inch.
  • It’s nevertheless, in the event the subject which you’re likely to operate on is somewhat small to moderate size of regions, then this series trimmer remains appropriate for you to utilize.

#5 – Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger

Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger

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  • Though this string trimmer can’t be thought to be the most effective trimmer at the product scope the Toro’s five-amp motor gives it sufficient power to free the yard of the majority of weeds and offer it a great trim.
  • The Toro 51480 weighs just under seven and a half pounds making it incredibly simple to use and also the two inches head distance gets the work done. Concerning significance, this Toro version is unquestionably in consideration for the best electric weed wacker.
  • This Toro includes a little cord and contains its own areas of benefits and issues. It features a substantial quantity of electricity (25 percent over the Greenworks), and it’s constructed for regular trimming or trimming activities of your healthy garden. It can manage most of the tall grass or heavy weeds without any difficulties. The only speed trigger is adequate along with the machine activates on without any problems.
  • The Toro electric trimmer and edger is flexible and easy to take care of. It’s a great deal of power to look after business, drawing 5 amps in a socket. Its elastic head is a nice element, which makes it a flexible device that could cut off weeds and cut the lawn with equal effectiveness.
  • More, I see that a double line auto-feed chain for this particular weed wacker. Bear in mind; you’ll come across spools of the at virtually every hardware shop around, so nothing to be concerned about from replacements.

#6 – Remington RM115ST Lasso 5.5 Amp Electric 2-in-1 14-Inch Straight Shaft Trimmer/ Edger

Remington RM115ST Lasso 5.5 Amp Electric 2-in-1 14-Inch Straight Shaft Trimmer/ Edger

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The Remington Electric Trimmer/Edger allows you to perform your yard dressing free of loud, smelly gas motors, because of the stable 5.5 Amp electrical motor. This lightweight instrument includes a telescoping right rotating design which is simple to acquire beneath shrubbery and low hanging trees. Edging wheel helps preserve cutting lines that are straight.

  • 5.5 Amp electric motor grooms yards with no fumes or noise
  • Telescoping directly rotating layout gets beneath trees and shrubs
  • Double line cutting guarantees that the top cuts
  • No-tap auto-feed headset keeps a line in the proper cutting length for quick trimming
  • Simple to utilize 0.065in. line head

#7 – LawnMaster GT1313 13-Inch Electric Grass Trimmer

LawnMaster GT1313 13-Inch Electric Grass Trimmer

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The LawnMaster 13″ Electric Corded Grass Trimmer can assist you in making your lawn look its best all year. The 13″ chain trimmer is powered by a 4.2 amp motor and is ideal for cutting pesky weeds and demanding turf for precise trimming and edging. Keep the maximum comfort while working on your yard using a soft grip handle, so you’re able to get through your whole area fast.

This lightweight trimmer weighs just 5.4 lbs., and therefore you don’t need to think about becoming tired of utilizing it for more extended amounts of time. The trimmer head includes a double line and 3-position pivoting layout for successful edging, and that means that you may find the ideal look each moment.

  • Focus on the particulars of your lawn with all the LawnMaster 13″ Electric Corded Grass Trimmer
  • 13″ chain trimmer Gives a broad area to cover more ground fast strong 4.2 amp motor Enables You to work through rough weeds and turf
  • Soft grip handle makes for comfortable usage
  • Weighs 5.4 pounds. Therefore it’s easy to carry and move
  • 3-position pivoting trimmer thoughts
  • Attributes a 0.065″ auto-feed method
  • Durable telescopic aluminum shaft
  • Constructed cable retainer
  • Flexible handle


Corded models offer you a number of the most considerable advantages for homeowners who have small lawns or access to lots of outdoor outlets. These models offer you an unlimited runtime since you don’t need to be concerned about running out of gas or battery power.

These versions will be the lightest on the industry and require practically no maintenance. They are incredibly silent, begin at the touch of a switch, and also have a lower operational cost than petrol versions. All these are also the cheapest versions available

Hope this article is helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

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