Top 7 Best Driveway Alarm System In 2019

Having the best driveway alarm or driveway movement alert system may add an excess layer of security to your house, your family, and your possessions. This type of security process is easy to install, and cheap but may considerably enhance security and bring peace of mind.

List Of 7 Best Driveway Alarm

#1 – ¼ Mile Long Range Wireless Driveway Alarm Outdoor Weather Resistant Motion Sensor & Detector- Best DIY Security Alert System- Monitor & Protect Outside Property, Yard, Garage, Gate, Pool.

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The Guardline wireless driveway alarm alerts you that the moment the outdoor sensor detects movement from an individual, vehicle, or even a big creature.

Key Features:

  • Super easy to establish. Requires just a couple of minutes using our fast start manual. Easy do it yourself installation.
  • Set comprises one sensor/one receiver. Expandable up to 16 detectors and great receivers for total coverage of your premises.
  • Detects movement up to 4 distinct zones, as well as 4 detectors per zone.
  • Sensor runs (4) AA batteries for up to a year. Low battery indicator contained.
  • Programmer can be plugged into using included AC adaptor. Can run on (4) AAA batteries as a backup in the event of power outage.
  • Sensor can detect movement up to 40 feet.
  • Receiver comprises a 12-volt relay to include wired external alarms, chimes, or bells.

#2 – Dakota Alert BBA-2500 Break Beam Alert Kit, One BBT-2500 & One DCR-2500

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► The BBA-2500 Kit is made up of solar-powered wireless infrared break beam detector along with a receiver. The sensor is very simple to install and needs no wiring. The break beam detectors are powered with built-in lithium-ion batteries which are recharged through the solar panels during the day. Since the device is self-powered, there’s not any need to run cables for electricity.

► Setup time could be as little as a couple of minutes. The infrared sensing terminals may be mounted up to 300 ft. apart and will send a signal back into the receiver around 1/2 mile off anytime somebody moves between the detectors (Actual range will vary depending upon the local terrain).

#3 – Mighty Mule Wireless Driveway Alarm (FM231)

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► The wireless driveway alarm alerts you if a car enters or leaves your property. When a car passes the detector, the indoor receiver emits a chime. It’s a wireless assortment of 400′ (121.9 m) and won’t be triggered by people, animals or end.

► The indoor receiver may be mounted onto a table or around the wall. Multiple indoor recipients (up to 3) could be inserted for more advantage. Detects moving vehicles; not a movement detector.

#4 – Rodann Electronics Wireless Driveway Alarm System by Rodann Electronics

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► The Rodann Electronics RX&TX2000A Driveway Alarm System is the ideal solution for your outside security and tracking requirements. The durable wireless weatherproof design is relied upon daily by homeowners, retailers, drive-thrus, warehouses, ranchers, and some other businesses and people across the USA.

► Rodann Electronics motion sensors feature innovative passive infrared (PIR) sensor technologies. They aren’t affected by sunlight, car headlights, reflections, shadows, or colors.

► Included with this comprehensive system are just one (1) wireless weatherproof detector and a single (1) receiver. Expand the policy of your safety system with extra transmitters, receivers, and accessories (all sold separately).

► This unit isn’t compatible with all the TX/RX500 or even TX/RX1000(non-A), TX/RX2000(non-A) or even SL-40 versions.

#5 – Sure Action Battery-Operated Probe System Vehicle Detector with Inovonics Transmitter and Receiver Wireless Chime Dual Entry Long Range

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► Sure Action probes activate security cameras, gates, lights, sounders (chimes) and much more! Probes monitor the planet’s magnetic field. When a vehicle moves throughout the tracked distance, it creates a disturbance in the area and creates a small voltage signal that’s delivered to a chip.

► In turn, a relay triggers that drive the consequent action (turn on lights, sound a chime at the house, turn onto a movie camera, activate a gate operating platform, and much more ). Sure Action’s probes (driveway sensors) can discover a car moving as dumb as 1/2-mile an hour and includes a detection radius of 14-feet. The 9-volt lithium batteries will need to be replaced after every 12-18 months.

► SA-WP5CDELR System includes (2) WP5 processor, (2) NEMA III Box, (4) 9-volt lithium batteries, (2) Inovonics long-range transmitters, and (2) receivers; wireless chime; and (2) P500-25 probes.

Important note: Sure Action driveway probe systems are passive, temporary devices which function as triggers. They aren’t meant to be utilized as a security apparatus. They don’t respond to static metal. The vehicles need to be going to be discovered. In case the motion stops, the probe’s response becomes inactive (inert) again.

#6 – HTZSAFE Solar Wireless Driveway Alarm System-1/2 Mile Long Transmission Range-Solar Powered No Need Replace Batteries-Outdoor Weatherproof Motion Sensor&Detector-DIY Security Alert System

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► The solar wireless motion detector is powered with a built-in rechargeable battery that is charged by the solar panel in rainy times, needs no wiring and simple to set up. The weatherproof exterior motion detector has 1/2 mile extended wireless transmission range as well as 50 feet wide sensor detection array (it’s 3 sensitivities flexible, Hi=50ft, Mid=30ft, Low=25ft)

► It’s the perfect for a variety of intrusion alarm program,for example driveway/walking path/front doorways and anyplace of your house you wish to be alerted. The system is expandable up to 32 sensors and boundless alarm recipients for total coverage of your premises. The wireless receiver has 4 quantity levels modification and 35 ring tones optional.

► Match distinct ring tones with different detectors around your house to distinguish where the movement has been detected. The exterior motion sensor is watertight (IP66),fully-enclosed layout, resistance to rain/fog/snow/wind/temperature change, etc, an.d also the working temperature range is from -30 ℃ to 70℃

#7 – Hosmart 1/4 Mile Long Range Rechargable Wireless Solar Driveway Alarm System Driveway Sensor Alert Weatherproof Security Outdoor Motion Sensor & Detector No Need Replace Batteries Forever

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Solar Wireless Driveway Alarm features

The Hosmart Solar Motion Sensor with Wireless Motion Alert is a handy and very affordable safety / safety system.

► Weatherproof exterior solar sensor with adjustable sensitivity control.

► The solar sensor could be put up to some 1/4 mile in the bottom unit in perfect condition.

► Alarms with sound and light when vehicles or pedestrians approach within a 30 feet radius.

► Expandable up to boundless solar detectors and unlimited receiver, it’s ideal for home, business,property and work site.

► Super easy to establish. Requires just a couple of minutes to install. Easy do it yourself installation.

► Set includes a solar sensor/one receiver. Detects movement up to 4 distinct zones, Low battery indicator included.

► Receiver can be plugged into with included AC adapter or can operate on (4) AAA batteries.


If you are looking to purchase a driveway alarm or detector system, this article is right for you. It can allow you to select the best driveway alarm, motion sensor alarm for your home surveillance and budget. Additionally, it offers a summary of the features and functions of some of the best and top-rated wireless driveway alarms available on the marketplace which can allow you to narrow down your pick.

Hope this article is helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

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