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Top 7 Best Flounder Gigging Lights Reviews

Best Flounder Gigging Lights

Flounder Gigging Lights are crucial to an active flounder gigging trip.

A lot of instances, the lights will be precisely what will make or break a visit.

Fortunately for you, you’re studying this review to place the odds in your favor for getting an effective flounder gigging trip.

List Of 7 Best Flounder Gigging Lights For Wading

#1 – BoatLightsUS Flounder Light with 7 Amp-Hour Rechargeable Battery Pack

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  • Flounder Gigging Light full with high-power external battery and backpack.
  • This light provides the flounder fisherman the ease of our high-speed flounder gigging lighting using the energy of a light which will generally ask that you take around a car battery on a float.
  • Engineered that LED Flounder Gigging Light to supply the consumer using a HUGE Light Output of an 18 Watt, 6 LED Light Head that sets around 2200 LUMENS all powered with a rechargeable battery that you ware from the enclosed BoatLightsUS branded back.
  • This system provides 6-8 hours of total light output followed by a couple more hours of marginally lower light output.
  • The package includes all you require, the entire lighting, the battery, and all of the interconnecting sockets, the transport case with a belt, and a battery charger.

#2 – Hydro Glow Wademaster

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  • The wm10 is the best lighting for gigging for flounder, crapping and lobstering.
  • Wading light for flounder gigging
  • Perfectly waterproof for wading in shallow water to get flounder, crab, and lobster
  • The wm10 itself contained and can be powered with 4 aa batteries.
  • It comes with a useful shoulder strap

#3 – Flounder-Lyte FL-1 (Flounder Gigging Light)

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  • 220 Lumen, LED Flounder Gigging Light
  • Using only 8″AA” batteries that this Flounder-Lyte will operate around 12 hours.
  • Its own ultra-bright, lightweight, and heavy responsibility.
  • Custom produced in Texas to withstand years of aquatic misuse.

#4 – Boat Lights US Triple Beam

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  • Triple-Beam Flounder Light Bar. These light bars are light weight, made from PVC materials using aluminum LED lighting heads.
  • The mild bar is about 36″ long and comprises three 18 Watt LED lights to get a total of 54 Watts of blazing white light output. And, since those are LED lights, then there’s hardly any drain on your battery life.
  • This mild bar is robust and made for marine problems. Each of PVC is colored (no paint to renege).
  • Light heads are provided with a powdered coated paint method.
  • These lights may be mounted on a vessel’s bow or across the negative gunnels with comfortable straps (not included but available from any hardware shop ) or from bolting set up.
  • Comes with extended cord and battery clips. LED light places out 6600 lumens, 54 volts complete

#5 – Outrigger Outdoors Flounder Gigging Light – Swamp Eye Submersible

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  • 19,000 LUMEN LEDs are brighter than previously. The brand new Swamp Eye Submersible will offer a bright, long-lasting light ensured to illuminate the region around you.
  • The makeup of the LED chips comprise engineered LED crystals along with CopperCore technologies to be one of the greatest lumen-per-watt output signals in the lighting market.
  • Traditional LED chipsets out 80 lumens per watt. LED chips set outside 160 lumens per watt.
  • WATERPROOF/SUBMERSIBLE: The newest Swamp Eye Submersible is graded IP 68 waterproof for underwater usage and keeping its rust immunity from saltwater. These lights are intended to operate underwater for extended durations. If employed in saltwater, then we recommend draining the lights after use.
  • AEROSPACE GRADE WIRING: It currently includes 3 FT LONG LEADS! Their brand new wiring elements are intense abrasion and rust resistant wiring for long-term use in harsh saltwater environments.
  • MANUAL COLOR TONE ADJUSTMENT FEATURE: the color tone can also be adjusted manually by an HPS deep warm white to some usual LED trendy white.
  • UNIVERSAL MOUNTING CLAMP IMPROVEMENTS: that the mounting bolt was re-designed to add pit spacing sized for a broad array of 1/4″ bolts. A commercially accessible u-bolt from the neighborhood hardware store may be used to mount the lighting into some flounder gig, or conventional 1/4″ bolts may mount it into the ship. The clamp also enables a more effective variety of movement like a light isn’t obstructed by the mounting mounts when confronted downwards.
  • PORTABLE AND COMPACT: The lighting is just 5 inches tall, 5 inches wide, and 1.5 inches deep. Not only can it be more economical than the rivalry, but it’s also WAY more streamlined!! Mounts simply to ship or flounder gig. Even perfect for wading and flounder gigging or even bow fishing!
  • CLEAR & MURKY WATER QUALITY ADJUSTMENT FEATURE: Correct the color tone from hot white for muddy water to glowing white to get clear water.

#6 – O&H Deluxe PVC Flounder 12-Volt Underwater light

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The O and H DFL12V Deluxe PVC Flounder 12-Volt Lighting are used to lighting submerged spaces. O and H Company has been producing quality fishing tackle for over 50 Years.

  • PVC Flounder Light
  • Underwater Light
  • 12 Volt
  • Durable
  • Great for Night Fishing

#7 – Boat Lights US, LLC Flounder Gigging Light, External Battery White

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  • Hand held and Utilizes and Outside 12 volt battery (not included) 6 Ft long Cable Lighting is Just 6 high powered LEDs, 2200 lumens output, 18 Volt an Alternative of Alligator clips or Spade connectors Completely water proof and submersible,
  • Intended for salt or fresh water created in America using American substances directions comprised 50 inches , just over 2 Pounds all ship lights us goods are endorsed by a
  • 1 year, cash back, no Questions asked promise. They provide live, United States established client support.


These long-handled lights enable giggers to set the ray of light directly on a supposed flounder for a fast stick.

A hand-held lighting makes it possible for giggers to securely and safely sift through shallow waters where many flounder spend their time searching for minnows, shrimp, along with other food.

Hope this article is helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

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