Top 7 Best Industrial Sewing Machine For Leather – Reviews in 2019

Looking for the best industrial sewing machine for leather it’s not hard, whether or not you are a seamstress or just a hobbyist who loves sewing? If that will be you personally, then you will demand something a bit more compared to the regular sewing machine, even if stitching leather or some other, other significant cloth, then a gigantic liability machine will be necessary. All of us requires a peek at an assortment of manual and electric applications to determine better that will be ideal for demanding industrial or leather usage.

A normal sewing-machine will readily sew natural cloths, like linen, wool cotton or cotton. Industrial stitching machines may utilise heavy-duty substances, which would usually charge an opportunity to receive professionally finished.

Today we are going to record out each our selections to the 7 best industrial sewing machine for leather stitching devices and the reason why we like these!

List of 7 Best Industrial Sewing Machine For Leather

1. Reliable 4000SW Single Needle Walking Foot Sewing Machine With Sewquiet Servomotor

Reliable 4000SW Single Needle Walking Foot Sewing Machine With Sewquiet Servomotor

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The dependable 4000SW single-needle Sewing device can seem to be as though it will not arrive with lots of features along with additional sewing devices we examined previously perform, but don’t be fooled. I came back to terms with how a sewing machine is supposed to be the single-purpose gadget.

Remember the dependable 4000SW single-needle Sewing device doesn’t come with built-in stitches, which means you should possess some history comprehension working with a stitching machine until you give that a twist.

Because this device includes a Sewquiet servo motor, even as soon as you flip it around you will not ever like to buy to prevent. This specific motor makes it possible for this particular sewing device to accomplish excessively higher functioning rates. The truth is that you’ll be able to get to perform approximately 2000 stitches each week.

Even if it regards strengthening stitches, you’ll ignore needing to do it precisely the conservative manner whenever you have the dependable 4000SW single-needle Sewing device.

All you’ve got to do is use the inverse osmosis leather, and also the equipment will probably perform all of the jobs with you. It follows the dependable 4000SW single-needle Sewing device may undo your stitch-work, which means it is easy to begin stitching your sewing.

I discovered this characteristic especially valuable when I had been attempting to sew through heavy cloths like upholstery and leather.

2. JUKI DNU-1541 Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine

JUKI DNU-1541 Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine

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When working through leather sewing machines for sale, it’s hard to locate one that works as fast as the Juki DNU-1541 does. This sewing machine is listed as being industrial grade and requires only a single needle to finish any job you heart desires.

I found that the Juki DNU-1541 utilises a dual force mechanism, which guarantees high-tension sewing. This ability to perform high tension sewing is what allows the leather sewing machine to sew high-quality stitches through dense fabrics.

Unlike any of the best sewing machines for leather reviewed above, the Juki DNU-1541 features a non-computerized model that solely runs on electricity.

This machine will need a power source of 110 Volts since it needs to provide oil for the 750-watt industrial clutch servo motor.

3. SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine

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The SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 sewing machine has loads of ease-of-use features to allow you to fulfil your creative dreams. Its 600 Built-In Stitches include 5 Alphanumeric Fonts and 13 Fully Automatic 1-Step Buttonholes with Exclusive Buttonhole Underplate, Mirror Imaging, and Stitch Elongation options provide even more creative possibilities.

Start-up is a breeze with quick and easy threading, preset stitch length and width, built-in needle threader, built-in thread cutter, stitch editing capabilities, a start/stop button and direct button stitch selection. Packed with features, this machine indeed has it all.

The computerised sewing machine with large LCD screen provides clear and easy viewing of stitch functions including stitch length, stitch width, tension settings, recommended presser foot, needle up/down position and more!

4. Tacsew GC6-6 Walking Foot Feed Industrial Upholstery Sewing Machine

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High quality walking foot machine with the large bobbin and reverse for heavy duty sewing. Up to 1,600 stitches per minute straight lockstitch, 0-8mm stitch industrial upholstery sewing machine.

This industrial grade machine is perfect for the professional as well as a beginner. It will sew through medium weight materials all the way up to leather.

Table and Motor Sold Separately Tacsew GC6-6 Walking Foot Feed Industrial Upholstery Sewing Machine, M Bobbins, 1/2″ FootLift, 8mm Stitch Length, Reverse, AutoOil, 1600SPM For sewing light to heavy materials such as fabric, leather, vinyl, upholstery, synthetics, and canvas.

Suitable for sewing such products as suitcases, tents, cushions, gloves, clothes, caps, leather materials, bamboo matting, etc.

5. Consew 206RB-5 Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine with Table and Servo Motor

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You can view the Consew 206RB-5 to be one of the various in-demand industrial sewing machines for leather available in the market. This is because it features a professional build that is easy to use once you figure out how to decipher the guide.

You’ll have to install the extremely quiet Servo motor onto the Consew 206RB-5 Sewing Machine. It is rare to find an industrial leather sewing machine that comes with this particular motor, so you’ll be in for a treat when you use this model.

When you install the Servo motor into this industrial sewing machine, you’ll notice that the noise level in your workroom is nonexistent. It is so quiet that I accidentally dropped my pin and I never heard it hit the ground.

The only thing you’ll feel coming from the Consew 206RB-5 is tiny amounts of vibration, which won’t interfere with its ability to complete the task at hand.

6. Sailrite Heavy-Duty Ultrafeed LSZ-1 BASIC Walking Foot Sewing Machine

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The Sailrite Ultrafeed LSZ-1 BASIC Sewing Machine is a great introductory machine for those interested in sailmaking, marine canvas work, heavy-duty home sewing or automotive and RV upholstery.

The Ultrafeed LSZ-1 was designed to be a sailor’s ideal sewing machine and sews both a straight stitch for canvas work and a zigzag stitch for sails. The Ultrafeed is built with the toughest most reliable parts and has enough power to sew through even heavy fabric assemblies.

It’s tried and true in up to 10 layers of heavy canvas and eight layers of Dacron sailcloth. Use that power to sew sailcloth, heavy canvas, denim, light leather, heavy upholstery fabrics and more!

The Ultrafeed LSZ-1 Basic Sewing Machine includes the Ultrafeed Wooden Base, Power Plus Balance Wheel, EZ Set Stitch Length Plate, electronic foot control, thread stand, sewing machine oil, four bobbins, four #20 needles, toolkit, guidebook, and Ultrafeed Set-up, Use & Maintenance DVD.

7. Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

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For those who are newcomers to sewing and using a sewing machine, I am here to tell you that the Janome HD3000 is an excellent solution for you. I consider myself a novice in sewing and found it easy to work the Janome HD3000.

In the front of this leather sewing machine, I noticed the numerous stitch options to be especially helpful. The Janome HD3000 also comes with a visual representation of every stitch, which can come in handy for those who have no experience using a sewing machine.

This sewing machine comes with 18 built-in stitches so that you can go crazy with your sewing experiments. I know I was shocked to see that I only had a handful of sewing machines to choose from that were catered to a leather stitching crowd.

This sewing machine is one of the few leather stitching machines currently available on the market.

Not only does one of the ideal heavy duty sewing machines for leather come with two packs of leather needles, but also permits you to switch the stitch strength.

This means you can stitch leather on whatever you desire when you use the Janome HD3000.


Ideally, you have found each of the answers you are trying to find as it regards the best industrial sewing machine for leather.

A few of the machines mentioned are for advanced users but not just reserved for advanced users. I believe if you learn how to drive a BMW. Equally, you can learn how to use a premium advanced heavy-duty leather sewing machine.

If budget is not an issue, it is better for beginners to start their learning process with an advanced machine. You will develop advanced skills from the beginning.

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