Top 7 Best Ionic Foot Detox Machine under $200

According to info on the internet that an ionic foot detox machine is a brand new energy treatment device that may adapt and align the human body’s natural energy system.

The way that this ionic machine function is the ionic foot tub’s inter releases ions to the water. The polarity will be occasionally reversed, so switching between negative and positive ions.

Your cells will be energized with these ions, encouraging them to discharge heavy metals, acid, fat, oil, and other harmful debris gathered inside of them along with your bloodstream during a time.

When your cells release these toxins, they are taken from your toes to the water, which frequently turns out a rust color, which is the way you are going to be aware that the ionic foot tub has functioned.

To be clear, there’s a fantastic deal of controversy concerning whether they do the job.

We have compiled 7 of their best ionic foot detox machine available on the marketplace and also analyzed a number of the proof below.

List of 7 Best Ionic Foot Detox Machine

1. Cell Spa, Fir Belt Chi Ionic Ion Detox Machine Foot Bath Aqua Spa Cleanse

Cell Spa, Fir Belt Chi Ionic Ion Detox Machine Foot Bath Aqua Spa Cleanse

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This unit comes to include:

  • 2 arrays
  • 1 wrist wrap
  • 1 far infrared bamboo waist belt
  • 1 power cord
  • Aluminum carrying case and 1 instruction book.
  • 1-year warranty direct from Cell Spa.

This is Professional detoxification system with multi detox function. It helps with total body purification and detoxification effects better

2. Logisaf ION Ionic Detox Foot Bath Cleanse SPA with TUB

Logisaf ION Ionic Detox Foot Bath Cleanse SPA with TUB

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3. Cell Spa, Digital LCD Display Detox Ion Ionic Aqua Foot Bath Spa Chi Cleanse Fir Belt

Cell Spa, Digital LCD Display Detox Ion Ionic Aqua Foot Bath Spa Chi Cleanse Fir Belt - Twice Powerful

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Information and statements regarding alternative health products and services have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

This Qlive Foot Spa machine is Not a “Medical Device.”

Please read the following precautions for the CellSpa Foot Spa:

  1. Do not use on people with battery operated implants (e.g., pacemakers), etc.
  2. Do not use on anyone who has received an organ transplant.
  3. Pregnant women or nursing women should never use.
  4. Children under the age of 8 years old should never use.
  5. People who have low blood sugar should eat before use.
  6. People on a lot of medications should check with their doctor before using.
  7. People who suffer from heart disease & are on medication all the time should not use without consulting with their doctor.
  8. People with high blood pressure & are on medication all the time should not use without asking with their doctor.
  9. People who have epilepsy should not use.
  10. Hemophiliacs should not apply.

4. Ionic Foot Cleanse. Detox Foot Bath Machine. Foot Spa Bath for Home Use

Ionic Foot Cleanse. Detox Foot Bath Machine. Foot Spa Bath for Home Use. Free Regain Health & Vitality Booklet & Brochure!

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Perfect Detox Foot Spa Machine for Home Use. By Better Health Company. Completely Pre-Programmed for a 30 minute well Balanced Detox with the push of a button.

Also comes with a 1/4 lb. Bag of Celtic Sea Salt to increase the conductivity of the water if needed, our Informational Foot Detox Brochure and 16-page booklet to teach you all about detox foot baths. 1-year warranty. Free phone tech support when you need it.

5. HealthandMed Foot Bath Spa Machine, Ionize Me Elite Ionic Detox

HealthandMed Foot Bath Spa Machine, Ionize Me Elite Ionic Detox, 17.0V/2.2 Amp

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HealthandMed Foot Bath Spa Machine amped it up to a whopping 17.0 volts and 2.2 amps max of direct current – to maximize the principles of electrolysis and ionization. – 2 x ionic foot detox arrays (30-50 sessions each) – free personalized phone consultation

It no wrist strap required you’ll notice that most footbath systems on the market require the use of a wrist strap, but this function is not needed to do an effective detox.

The unit also includes a heavy duty grounded 3-prong power cable – as an added feature – our safety-engineered internal circuitry continuously monitors your detox session, automatically keeping watch over things like short circuit issues, fuse problem, and thermal conditions

6. FB401E Ionic Detox Foot Bath System with Infrared

FB401E Ionic Detox Foot Bath System with Infrared, Tub Basin, Liners, Arrays and Cleaning Supplies + by HEALTHandMED

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The HEALTHandMED IonizeMe Classic Foot Bath comes with:

  • Two 30-50 Session Ion activator probes (arrays)
  • Bamboo charcoal FAR Infrared waist belt
  • Wrist strap
  • Aluminum carrying case
  • Conductive wrist strap gel
  • Supplemental step by step instructions written by HEALTHandMED
  • Power cord
  • Warranty covering defects in material and artistry for one year
  • NoRisk No Buyer’s Remorse 14 Day Money Back Guarantee and a 1
  • Year Warranty covering defects in material and art

Your complete footbath system also includes:

  • Tub Basin
  • 100 Liners
  • One cleaning jar
  • Ten array cleaning brushes
  • 70g of Cleaning Solution
  • 1/3 Pound of Himalayan Salt with 1/8 teaspoon scoop
  • Everything you need for a complete detoxing Included.

7. NewCell Elite Ion Detox / Ionic Foot Bath Machine

NewCell Elite Ion Detox / Ionic Foot Bath Machine - Complete System

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Elite is a Powerful Ion Foot Detox Bath that includes the electronic detoxifying unit with an infrared belt, muscle stimulation pads, 2 10 coil powerful stainless steel arrays and a wrist strap.

The Elite uses high-quality the US made components and technology to provide a powerful detoxification experience. The foot detox spa treatment is a safe, straightforward treatment that involves immersing one’s feet into a bowl filled with water to detoxify the body.

While immersing your feet in the water, a series of timed positive and negative ions that the system emits invigorates, reconditions and synchronizes the body’s natural ionic flow. The result is that your body can detox safely at its own pace.


As we have seen, there’s absolutely no empirical proof of the effectiveness of ionic foot bathtubs. As you ought to be skeptical of eccentric claims, in precisely the same time the sole way to tell if these devices works for you to check it on your own.

Go to a spa that offers the treatment, inquire any pointed questions about its effectiveness, and when it is not overly costly, check it on your own. Or perhaps buy one of those moderately priced best ionic foot detox machine. Ionic foot tub, even though there’s an abundant source of anecdotal evidence supporting its use.

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