Top 7 Best Longarm Quilting Machines – Reviews in 2019

The longarm quilting machine essentially finishes a quilt. The device itself is a big industrial sized one, possibly run manually or using a computer. A system head is mounted on wheels and also a track, using a framework, pliers and worktable together.

Technology is creating lifestyles simple all over, and if you’re yet to use several chances, you have not realised what you’re missing. I mean, what could be preventing you from utilising the very best long arm sewing machine to enjoy a quick and stress-free quilting encounter?

The two approaches of quilting are your pantograph or the customised procedure. The pantograph is that the layout that’s placed onto a quilt top and then tracked by computer or hand. The personalised technique is freehand, enabling greater originality from customers.

But it may be costly and time-consuming. Both has its benefits, however. That is why checking out our 7 most beautiful longarm quilting machine testimonials before acquiring one is a smart option.

So that you have been considering the 7 best longarm quilting machines testimonials?

List of 7 Best Longarm Quilting Machines

1. Qnique Long Arm Quilting Machine with Q’nique Frame

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This longarm quilting machine only has a 14-inch throat space. Even though it is smaller, it’s still packed with a few useful features which will benefit your quilting. The grip handles are comfortable, while the sewing function buttons are easily accessible.

It can go up to maximum 1,800 stitches per minute. The King frame that comes with the machine itself is sturdy and well made. The automatic stitch regulation ensures your stitches are uniform.

2. Queen Quilter by Tin Lizzie Long Arm Quilter w/ Stitch Regulator & Frame

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This is a high-quality product; this longarm quilting machine features an automatic stitch regulator, meaning your stitches are uniform even when you change the speed or direction. You don’t need to worry about needles breaking with the automatic needle positioner which can adjust your needles to be up or down accordingly.

The bobbin is extra large, allowing you to work for longer with each project. It has an 18-inch throat space, and laser lights with paper patterns included means you can easily follow the pattern as you quilt. The handles are ergonomic, so no strain when you quilt for long periods. A hopping foot holds down your fabric as you quilt so it won’t jam or go astray.

3. Juki TL2200QVP Quilt Virtuoso Pro Longarm with Grace Virtuoso King Frame

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The Juki model has to be one of the best longarm quilting machines out of the seven best long arm quilting machine reviews. It has an 18-inch throat space for even greater projects without worrying about wrestling with your fabrics.

It has a 10-inch height, slightly higher than its rivals. If you’re a tall person, this one’s for you. The electric scissors conveniently trim the top and bottom threads. The ergonomic handles swivel into micro swivels for you to do any close-up work.

There is an independent bobbin winder with its motor. That way you can wind it even while quilting or the machine is idle. There are LED lights attached to the work area to illuminate it so that working won’t be a bad experience.

4. Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen 16 inch Long Arm Quilting Machine

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This HQ version has 16 inches of the throat area, better for more critical jobs. The 30-inch x 36-inch dining table could be adjusted based on your height using an optional 18-inch expansion. The colour touch display provides you with all the crucial functions and controls to operate effortlessly, such as needle down or up functions.

It may run around 1,500 stitches per minute in uniform stitches, directed by the pc. As soon as you turn it off to the afternoon, the machine will still recall that your previous stitching rate the second time you use it. And you might also set up to 3 custom set speeds for simple access.

5. Grace Q’nique Long Arm Quilting Machine with SR2 Frame

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The Grace Q’nique longarm quilting machine includes a 15-inch neck area. It is excellent for small to medium sized jobs. Based upon your speed of movement, the switching rate will automatically correct. There’s a crystal clear colour OLED screen showing all of the settings and the necessary info to create your quilting operations simpler.

This system can go around 1,800 stitches per second with four distinct trends of stitches. An exceptional characteristic is that the cruise Mode, which permits you to specify a minimum speed the machine has to stick to if you let go of it. Collars are tailored to match long-term usage and are quite comfy.

6. Juki TL-2010Q 9″ Long-arm Machine, Grace Continuum Quilting Frame

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Juki TL-2010Q resembles precisely the same old-fashioned workhorse machines which were utilized a decade or two before for quilting projects.

But contradictory to the appearances, it’s all of the new features which make sewing and quilting much simpler. It’s constructed with a full metal which guarantees the durability and also the stability of this machine.

The attributes such as onboard thread cutter, needle up/down button, adjustable presser foot control, plus also a sizable reverse button make the system very simple to use and understand.

7. Grace Majestic Quilting Frame

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Imagine having the ability to make all kinds of quilt dimensions whether toddler or king using a single machine. Impressive is not it? Grace Majestic enables frame adjustment to create quilts or nearly all sizes and can also be rather precise and user-friendly.

It includes an improved carriage into a general complete dual-wheel provision that boosts its precision, stitches quality as well as general movement. It boasts a steel construction that enriches its durability and usually height elastic legs.


Now you have some notion about what things to settle for when buying a best longarm quilting machine; the choice is yours! The marketplace is full of many tools which guarantee heaven on the buy but just some chosen few provide the deserved quality and dependability.

Additionally, together with the biomedical technological developments, stitching and quilting are now more straightforward and more intriguing with a plethora of features providing over is demanded. Taking into consideration that you are supposed to devise a longstanding’ connection with your machine, make certain you purchase a model which you’re sure you would like to commit your fire too!

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