Top 7 best money counting machine – Reviews in 2019

The best money counting machine use is helping you in calculating your operation flow. It will also assist in preventing the risk of incurring a loss because of the counterfeit cash.

Manually counting cash is also not healthy since as we all know, money can be quite dirty. Counting money manually is not only dull but also prone to errors. However, investing in an automatic bill-counting machine will enhance your efficiency when it comes to calculating your cash.

Modern machines are pretty accurate and can sort the money based on denominations. The best money counting machines also give the totals, and you don’t need to sum it all up after the counting. Some even come with UV, IR, and Magnetic sensors for detecting counterfeit notes. There are quite some money counters on the market. However, the following are currently the top-quality money counting machines in the recent market.

List of 7 best money counting machine in 2019

1. G-Star Technology Money Counter With UV/MG Counterfeit Bill Detection

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This affordable money counter machine has an energy saving mode that allows it to consume less power when compared to another model. The device is also super accurate and precise in counting and sorting the original and counterfeit bills. Additionally, this machine is powerful s it can work for up to two hours while counting 1000 bills per minute.

This money counter saves you the trouble of flying notes or recounting severally. Thanks to its advanced technology and precise rollers and rubber wheels, this cash counting machine will accurately count small as well as large volumes of notes. The portable device can be used almost anywhere including the bank, office, retail outlet, money exchange, and home.

2. Goplus Money Counter Worldwide Bill Counting Machine Detector

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This cash counter is extremely simple to use and also have several functions. This machine may count the amount of the invoice and may quickly identify statements using UV detection purpose. It is your very best option to figure the bill.

It counts up to 700 bills per minute and is entirely accurate. Chances of two notes being counted as one or a note not being counted are unlikely. The portable machine is suited for many places and is loved because of its space-saving design. It’s also easy to carry and can run nonstop for quite some time without any overheating issues.

The accessory can count a range of currencies including US dollars, Canadian dollars, Pounds, and Euros. It features Magnetic and Ultraviolet sensors for detecting counterfeit or substandard notes as well as dust-proof sensors.

3. NuLink™ Deluxe Currency Bill Cash Banknote Money Counter Machine With UV 

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This cash-counting machine is a convenient use and simple to use the version that’s fantastic for business travelers who want a device on the move. The apparatus may also do a tremendous job in a workplace or business establishment.

UV (Ultraviolet) & MG (Magnetic) feature can quickly detect the counterfeiting bills in a second. Triple LCDs (Front LCD, Top LCD, and Side LCD) are more convenience and final show to the customer. Automatic self-testing while turning on the machine, and self-check the error code hint, Automatic malfunction diagnosing & information warning.

4. EOM-POS Money Counting Machine – Counts and Detects Counterfeit US Money

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This invoice counter counts around 900 notes in one moment. It will not shake or wobble through the procedure or throw dust and dirt around. The machine is entirely silent and is appropriate for a quiet atmosphere. Apart from being bright and big, the added LCD screen can be redeemed for a better screening by both the teller and the client.

Additionally, it comes with a practical carry handle and overheats protection to reduce damage particularly when the system is run continuously for quite a while. The money counting machine may detect counterfeit notes, half note, strange signs, and other sorts of notes courtesy of MG, UV, and additional detectors.

5. Money Counter Elite w/Fast Count – UV/MG/IR Counterfeit Bill Detection, Counterfeit Alarm

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Now you can count your cash with no trial and mistakes. This system has the greatest potential artisanship and is produced to make sure you understand precisely how much you have on your safe.

Apart from permitting you to count all notes from most denominations, the device also includes bogus detectors such as the ultraviolet light, infrared, and magnetic detectors which enable you to discover the counterfeit bills.

The device has a silent operation, LED screen, in addition to the user-friendly layout. In any case, this device has remarkable performance that empowers it to function for up to 6 hours while emphasizing 1200 invoices weekly.

6. Money Counter Machine DOMENS Bill Counter UV/MG/IR/DD

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You should not waste as much time and effort counting. With this system, not merely will counting be a cinch but you’ll save yourself a good deal of time. It is available a great portable design for simple handling and does not occupy too much space.

This makes it ideal for a small space such as a money counter. The machine is constructed from harsh substances to withstand the high speed and regular usage. It may count different denominations and comes with a high-quality rubber wheel which does not wear quickly and is exceptionally accurate. Also, you have the choice of picking manual or automated counting while the big LCD screens give you along with the client the reading.

7. Cassida 6600 UV Business Grade Currency Counter

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Cassida 6600 cash counter will make sure you’ve got efficient invoices counting machine to your company or workplace. You’ll not ever need to experience the extended manual counting because this version is intended to assist you to count up to 1400 invoices per minute.

Unlike other versions, this unit features a significant top loading holding hopper with the power to transport up to 400 invoices. Aside from the machine also authenticates the invoices utilizing the magnetic as well as the infrared detectors.


Counting money especially in large quantities isn’t easy even for experienced tellers. There is a high likelihood of error, you spend lots of effort and time and will be unable to detect a fake notice especially when counting fast. Furthermore, touching money by hand or being too close to it exposes you to germs, dust, dirt, and bacteria that can make you sick.

Money counting machines are great tools that you should have in your business especially if you deal with liquid cash. Luckily, these machines come with different capacity and sizes allowing you to make an affordable choice that meets the demands of your business.

A top best money counting machine will not only count fast and accurately but also shows the totals. Some even separate the notes based on size/denominations, age, and also detect counterfeit bills. By choosing the right cash counting machine, you not only save time but money too.

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