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Top 7 best permanent makeup machine reviews in 2019

Permanent makeup machines utilize micro-demographics or pigmentation to deposit colored pigment to the top reticular layer of your skin.

Permanent makeup also called micro pigmentation is a decorative treatment where the pigment is inserted to the skin of the face using an ultra-thin needle, so similar to a tattoo.

It accentuates your natural beauty by subtly providing shapes and features to your lips, eyebrows and save a great deal of time on placing cosmetics.

Finding the greatest permanent makeup machine might seem like a challenging undertaking, but we have already narrowed your search down with these best permanent makeup machine selections!

List of 7 best permanent makeup machine

1. Permanent Makeup Machine Pen Rotary Eyebrow, Tattoo Machine Gun Power Cord Supply 

Makeup Digital Permanent Makeup Machine Cosmetic Pen Rotary Eyebrow Tattoo Machine Gun Power Cord Supply

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The tattoo machine pen is constructed from aluminum alloy, Business and durable — Carved precision machining of CNC, ensuring constant precision of every element. Acceptable for eyebrow, eyeliner and lip tattoo also can utilize for little tattoo design. Simple to use and function.

The high degree of the machine may be corrected by the working voltage along with even the button to change the rate; you don’t have to repair the needle tattoo to get rubbers and can steer clear of the accident to publish the needle. The tattoo machine pen has stable and high functionality, rapid thermal diffusion.

2. Solong Tattoo Permanent Makeup Kit Tattoo Pen Set Eyebrow Lip Machine Set EK110

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  • 1 Top Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Pen Machine
  • 1 Professional Digital Power Supply with Foot Switch
  • 50 First-class permanent makeup sterilized needles (mixed sizes)
  • 50 Durable Makeup tips clean/ needle caps (mixed sizes)

3. HoriKing Permanent Makeup

HoriKing Tattoo Supply Complete Tattoo Machine Kits X5 Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Lips Set Minimally Invasive Plastic Surgery Kit with LCD Digital Power Supply Liner Shader Supply Silver

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  • Swiss Coreless engine with low noise, little heat, and vibration.
  • Telescopic handle with the ball inside and outside the structure, so you can adjust the length of the needles.
  • With disposable tattoo needle tattoo as a kit, you can easily displace the needle.
  • The world’s first Multi-function tattoo/eyebrow tattoo pen
  • The machine can send images via the USB to operate.

4. Permanent Makeup Control Brow Eye Lip Medica Set

Brand New Tatoo kit Intelligent Digital Permanent Makeup Control Brow Eye Lip Medica Set

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This Permanent Makeup Control Brow Eye Lip Medica Set is one of the top micro pigmentation machine kits due to its capability to maneuver at a high pace.

Even because this system operates at approximately 27,000 r/m, it creates almost no sound whatsoever. The quick needles on this specific machine cause less annoyance and pain in contrast to a lot of other people because they move so fast!

Another reason TomTop has created this model is that the ink used does not fade quite much with time. This means your tattoos will endure more than they need using your average permanent makeup machine.

And needless to say, this makeup machine is much more pricey than a range of different models. Regardless of the best eyebrow tattoo machine, you might feel minor discomfort during permanent makeup program.

5. Tomtop Permanent Nouveau Contour Style Eyebrow Rotary Tattoo

Permanent Nouveau Contour Style Eyebrow Rotary Tattoo Machine Makeup Tattoo Kit

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This Nouveau shape style device is very versatile with the capability to generate permanent cosmetics, make body tattoos, and also execute minor plastic surgery.

Apart from this, you may select among different thicknesses of disposable tattoo inks, so it is possible to find the style and appearance you are dreaming about –for ages.

Regardless of this, TomTop’s kit generates much less sound than the typical permanent makeup machine. The silent, muted sound is a result of the fact that this system is spinning stable and doesn’t vibrate as exceptionally as any other permanent cosmetics machines perform.

6. VideoPUP(TM) Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Tattoo Pen Machine Make up Kit

VideoPUP(TM) Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Tattoo Pen Machine Make up Kit with 50 Needles 50 Tips K04

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This pen-shaped device is constructed from aluminum metal and is exceptionally versatile, capable of body piercing, confront tattooing, and some minimally invasive plastic surgery remedies.

One more reason that this VideoPUP apparel is among the best-rated apparatus for your eyebrows is the fact that it works very quickly and precise. That means that your results are simple to control and fast done!

The founders of the permanent makeup machine additionally agree that, if utilized correctly, recovery time and chances of disease is going to be decreased. This means that you can sport your appearance confidently after nearly no time in any way!

7. 110v BioTouch DELUXE MERLIN MACHINE Kit BIO TOUCH Permanent Makeup Tools Needles

110v BioTouch DELUXE MERLIN MACHINE Kit BIO TOUCH Permanent Makeup Tools Needles

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This smooth needle spinning creates the permanent makeup system simple to use and control. This BioTouch kit works at 8,000 r/m.

Additionally, this specific machine works with both flat and round needles, giving you a lot of control within the intricacies of your brand new appearance. That is pretty important when you would like flawless dream-like outcomes.

BioTouch might have made a system unlike any other since this device moves the needle up and down instead of side to side.


There are not many permanent makeup machines on the market, but these top seven are some of the most versatile, easy-to-use, and efficient stable makeup machines.

The Tomtop Nouveau Contour style is one of the best permanent makeup machines available in the market which makes it our top pick.

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