Top 7 Best Popcorn Machine For Home Theater – Reviews in 2019

Popcorn machine for home theater devices is fantastic for family film evenings. For those who might have a house theater, then your whole household will adore the enhancement of some right picture theatre popper into your residence.

There isn’t anything can beat the comfy atmosphere of view a film and acquiring freshly brewed popcorn. Today it is possible to possess the nostalgic picture cinema excitement in-house having a house entertainment vending equipment.

I presume everybody else in no way forgets that the theater style popcorn they have eaten on account of the distinctive taste. The taste is indeed exceptional it is perhaps not simple to receive it. No microwave and air can replicate this taste since it’s got something to do with all the odour of oil and also the sight of some nostalgic popper.

In case you are unable to fail to remember the exceptional taste, then the most suitable choice will be to select the best sort of popcorn poppers plus you can find a number of arcade style popcorn poppers that may supply you with cinema style popcorn and also force you to believe you’re in a theatre to relish flavorful java.

Aside from the popper you’ve plumped for, the following variable can help determine the attribute of peppermint may be the characteristic of the kernels. In the event you don’t feel fulfilled using popcorn, then you also may try out an alternate brand of peppermint and also the result might differ.

List of Best Popcorn Machine For Home Theater

1. Cuisinart CPM-100 EasyPop Hot Air Popcorn Maker

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The Cuisinart CPM-100 may constitute 15 cups of popcorn in less than three minutes, and it will be outstanding by any standard. It does therefore together with the assistance of a powerful heating system which works by using 1,500 volts of electricity.

Additionally, it comes out of the detachable chute and out of the butter heating tray which should be convenient at the longer term. Oddly, every one its areas are dishwasher safe, making cleanup that the apparatus are much more comfortable.


  • Includes popping base, popping chute, butter warming tray, manual, warranty.
  • Requires no oil.
  • Makes up to 15 cups of popcorn in under 3 minutes.
  • Removable chute.
  • Easy on/off switch.
  • Stay cool housing.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • BPA-free.
  • Cord storage.

2. Great Northern 6074 Popcorn Machine

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What causes this popcorn system be noticeable is really how it could constitute to a gallon of popcorn each batch. It can therefore together with the assistance of the metal pot having an integral system along with also a handy pull out popcorn port to go for this. Additionally, it comes out of heating gentle to continue to keep the popcorn hot from 2 popping up pot coatings, a detachable popcorn sticks plus a spoonful, plus a cup to go for this.

The Great Northern 6074 popcorn manufacturer comes with a radical removable serving tray this may be the very first of its kind. The moment the corn gets ended popping, then only eliminate the plate and relish fresh theatre popcorn. The slide-out popcorn portion tray makes clean up simple as it’s dishwasher safe and sound.

This retro-styled counter popper includes a 2.5ounce. Stainless steel pot and also heating gently to continue to keep the popcorn fresh and warm. It pops somewhere around 1 gallon of popcorn each batch, so perfect for partners, popcorn family members evenings, picture time and you identify it!

You can expect our exceptional and sized 2.5ounce. Pre-portioned part Merely packs for your Pop Pup. Therefore, you may take pleasure in our picture cinema balanced mix in Pop Pup-sized batches!

3. Hamilton Beach 804067325546 Popcorn Popper-Hot Oil

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Create a favourite picture theatre in the house in minutes. The Hamilton Beach Front Warm Oil Popcorn Popper Isn’t Hard to use. Only include kernels along with your pick of oil, then plug it and permit the fun start.

Everyone could get their particular full bowl of popcorn because this popper constitutes 24 cups each batch, and also the popper lid inverts to turn into the pan. Celebrate the taste by correcting the batter to your liking. The built-in butter very well enables you to soften butter into the newly popped kernels even though popping up, or you may get it easy to get a wholesome bite.

Running over a big oil foundation, this popcorn maker from Hamilton Beach happens to be a must have for everyone who loves eating popcorn consistently. It comes out of the motorised leaning arm which optimises popping up to as feasible, together with side a non-invasive popping plate to get good action.

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4. Great Northern Popcorn Original Stainless Steel Stove

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The Stainless Steel Stove Top Popper by Great Northern Popcorn was designed by popcorn scientists to make popping popcorn on the stove a breeze. Now one person can continually pop pan after pan of delicious popcorn without the investment of expensive and bulky popcorn poppers.

The Stainless Steel Stovetop Popper’s innovative design allow moisture to escape during the popping process so your popcorn will be hot, crunchy, and mouth-watering. Our innovative stirring handle keeps the popcorn from burning as you pop batch after batch.

Simplistic by design, this popcorn machine will surely meet anyone’s needs when it comes to preparing a quick batch of popcorn. It can prepare no less than 5-quarts of popcorn in just a few minutes.

On a related note, it should be said that it features real wood handles and knobs that give the device quite a rustic outlook. Not only that but it is also straightforward to clean up thanks to its rather basic construction.

5. Nostalgia KPM508 Vintage 2.5-Ounce Kettle Popcorn Maker

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Keep the party rolling with a unique take on the vintage popcorn cart! Featuring a large 2.5-ounce stainless steel kettle with a built-in stirring system can pop up to 10 cups of popcorn per batch.

The vented windows and lighted interior allow you to watch the popcorn popping, so you know right when to empty the kettle and the tilt door allows for easy serving access.

Not only that but it also features a tilt door for easy serving access and from a design that makes it stand out in any environment.

It includes an oil measuring spoon and kernel measuring cup to ensure a perfectly popped batch every time. Popcorn has never tasted so good at home!

6. Great Northern 6010 Popcorn Popper Machine

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There is perhaps no better popcorn machine for home theaters than the Roosevelt Top Popper from Great Northern Popcorn. This deluxe model features a 3-position control switch instead of the 2-position you find in regular poppers such as this, a feature that gives you better control over the popping process.

At the same time, the machine features a spotlight warmer, a stirrer with a pot heater, and a heated warming deck to top it off. Last but not least, it features a heavy-duty powder-coated steel and stainless steel construction that makes it quite durable.

These commercial quality machines feature stainless steel food-zones, easy cleaning stainless steel kettles, old-maid drawers (for unpopped kernels), tempered glass panels and an industry leading 8-ounce kettle operating on 860 watts.

7. West Bend 82306 Stir Crazy 6-Quart Electric Popcorn Popper

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West Bend has improved on the classic corn popper design by adding a motorised stirring rod which ensures that every single kernel pops, every time. In about five minutes, the Stir Crazy Popper produces up to 6 quarts of perfectly popped corn, using one tablespoon of oil per 1/4 cup corn.

You can clean it with just a quick swipe of the sponge. For added flavour, place a bit of butter in the butter well to melt over the corn as it pops. The plastic cover doubles as a serving bowl, so when the cycle is done, flip it over to enjoy popcorn that’s guaranteed to be useful to the last pop.

You see, this machine isn’t just capable of popping six quarts of popcorn in less than five minutes, but it does so with the help of a motorised stirring rod designed to ensure that all kernels will pop during the preparation of a batch. Also worth mentioning is that it features a nonstick coated popping surface and heat-resistant handles for good measure.


The poppers reviewed with this particular page would be the optimal best popcorn machine for a home theater can purchase. They don’t just do the job superbly and appearance extraordinary but give off that comforting theatre like aroma as well.

Nobody can quit grinning once they head into an area full of all the buttery scents of freshly popped popcorn. The pleasant odour instantly teleports them subconsciously — into memory lane at which distinctive picture nighttime demanded popcorn.

Whatever you really will need is a popcorn machine for home theater to get home theatre, and now also you’re ready to go. That should mean you undergo, and one is your optimal investment for the family?

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