List of 5 Best Range Hood in the Kitchen for Your Family

The kitchen has long regarded as the heart of the family, which is home to a sumptuous luncheon, where homemakers send their love to family members through the meals. Today’s modern living has adorned the kitchen with a variety of utensils for easy, time-saving cooking and healthy life for homemakers as well as family members.

Range Hood is one of the innovative inventions in filtering the smell of food in the kitchen, reducing the pollution caused by the smell generated in the cooking process.

Following this article, we will give you some advice on choosing the best Range Hood that suits the needs of your family.

What is a Range Hood?
What is a Range Hood?

What is a Range Hood?

Nowadays, the Cooker Hood or Range Hood is one of the most critical and indispensable kitchen appliances in households.


There are many different types of Cooker Hood on the market, but they are also composed of necessary components:

Hood cover is a huge square box with the primary function is to smell up from the kitchen and discharged.

The exhaust system is responsible for absorbing odors and gases into the machine and then blowing through the pipeline to the outside.

Grease filters usually made of aluminum or stainless steel. There are also other parts such as exhaust pipes, deodorized activated carbon, glass collectors, hoppers, lights and control panels.

Operational principles

Based on the structure of the hood we can partly guess the principle of its operation. Most current cooker hoods operate on the principle of a combination of ventilating and membrane filters.

When the odor starts operating, the blower system will blow away grease and odors from the kitchen area. At this point, the gas components will naturally evaporate and ventilate into the operation of the machine.

Once collected in the system, the exhaust fumes will come out of the kitchen via a ceiling or wall-mounted pipe, while the filter will retain the grease. You can carry the screen to the toilet, cleaned easily.

The use of a Range Hood

  • Keep your family kitchen space always clean: Frying, frying or grilling food is more or less what makes your family kitchen smell like grease, fishy smell of fish or waste extremely uncomfortable. If this condition lasts for a long time, it will affect the health of the family. So the hood is a very useful tool to clean up all the odors and return clean, clean environment to the family kitchen.
  • Suitable for closed-space kitchens: With homes that have multiple windows or well-ventilated openings, clean-up work after cooking is relatively simple, as opposed to basements. The design of the enclosed space is clear that cleaning is not easy, so using a vacuum cleaner is an excellent solution foreclosed houses.
  • Decorating the kitchen space: A range of hoods with a variety of designs and designs will also help make the home’s kitchen more luxurious and refined.

1. Types of Cooker Hood

#1 Built-in Hood

Built-in Hood
Built-in Hood

One of the more popular and compact options for kitchen ventilation is the Built-in Hood. It attaches to the bottom of the cabinet placed directly on your stove. The design of the ventilation system must be simple for most parts and flexible enough to be able to go with any kitchen style.

#2 Chimney Hood

A wall-mounted smell machine saves space in your kitchen. It is attached to the wall above your cooking range; the cabinets should be removed to give room for the hood. These hoods come with a chimney that helps with the ventilation system, and they often drain out through an outside wall behind them.

Unlike the Built-in Hood, a Chimney Hood can serve as a design element in your kitchen, adding a distinctive look to your kitchen space depending on your product.

Here are the basic designs of Chimney Hood:

  • Pyramid Hood: This chimney hood design is quite similar to the classic chimney used in the 90s. Nowadays, the iteration is quite tricky and complicated, so it is not popular anymore.
  • Curved Glass Hood: Curved design is unique and equip with many modern functions such as deodorizing activated charcoal, remote control, intelligent timer or self-powered sensor. Comes with high capacity from high to high.
  • Flat Glass Hood: This type of cooker hood only differs from the curved glass hood that the suction mouth design quite full and curved glass is replaced with flat glass, so it is easier to clean and clear.
  • Angled Hood: One of the most modern type of smoke detectors available in the market with many advanced technologies, but the price is slightly higher.

#3 Ceiling Hood

Ceiling Hood
Ceiling Hood

This type of machine has the same form of ventilation fan mounted close to the ceiling, so even though the capacity of the machine is growing, it is unlikely that the machine was effective in attracting the smell immediately because the distance from the kitchen is quite far, however. Regarding aesthetics and space saving, this machine is still the preferred choice. If you choose this machine, then you should pay attention to the distance from the ceiling to the machine to match and most effective.

#4 Downdraft

Downdraft Hood
Downdraft Hood

If the space in your kitchen is not too spacious and you do not like your vision hamper by the vast array of a vacuum cleaner, then this is an exciting solution. However, this desk hood device requires that when designing your kitchen table you must first select a suitable appliance for the smell and conduct the installation and execution simultaneously with the electric cooker.

#5 Island Hood

Island Hood
Island Hood

Reviewed as a new trend for the future. Top of the aesthetics as well as price. Induction cookers are often very expensive and are only suitable for villas or apartments that build island kitchens and modern kitchen kitchens. As a researcher of writing, I also love these odor-absorbing patterns, just like the decorative artwork for your home kitchen. Island Hood often use the desiccant vacuum through the active carbon filter, not pull through the gas pipe.

2. The dimension of the range hood

The dimension of the hood you choose must fit in your kitchen cabinets, so measuring and determining the size of the hood is extremely important.

Currently, there are three necessary sizes available in the market.

  • 60cm cooker hood: This is the smallest size mainly concentrated in the perfect Range Hood and sound cabinet. The advantage of this line of products is the lightweight, compact design, relatively cheap price but relatively low capacity.
  • 70cm cooker hood: The size is considered the most standard and is used by many manufacturers for their models, with many models, types as well as various prices for consumers to choose.
  • 90 cm cooker hood: This 90cm size is almost only present in modern machines such as wall mounted or curved glass with elegant design but extremely picky kitchen.

The dimension of the range hood
The dimension of the range hood

3. Case material

Case material is not only an important factor that directly affects the health of consumers but also contributes to the aesthetic of the kitchen of the owner. You can choose stainless steel case or powder coated metal. These are two materials that consider the most luxurious, most durable and today.

4. Power

Power consumption is high, the ability to absorb odors will be faster, but the power is too large, the ability will consume power consumption, so as suggested by us, you should choose the line. The absorption capacity ranges from 700-1,000 m³ / h, which is not too large but still ensures quick absorption.

Another small note is that the machine power is inversely proportional to the area of the kitchen.

Such as:

  • If your family’s kitchen area is relatively small, it will make your scent smells less effective, so you have to choose a larger capacity machine to increase the smell.
  • Conversely, if your family kitchen is spacious and airy, the ability to disperse will be much faster, so you do not have to ask for too much power, as this will only cost you more.

5. Noise level

When buying the machine you should choose the product with the lowest noise level as possible, the minimum should be less than 60dB, on the other hand, the noise is often affected by the operating power and part of the installation is not technically correct half.

In some cases you choose a machine with a noise level of less than 60dB but still feel the noise may be due to the installation is not technically correct, so if this phenomenon you should ask the technical support Please.

6. The utilities

In addition to the main functions, you may be interested in some add-ons because these gadgets support you pretty much in the process of using the machine.

Some features include an intelligent timer, modern electronic control system, temperature sensor function or oxygen regeneration function.

7. Warranty

Range hood products have a relatively good warranty period, which varies from 3-5 years. It is a relatively good warranty to help consumers peace of mind during use.

Also, when buying goods to avoid the situation of counterfeit goods, counterfeit quality, you should carefully check the original warranty.

5 Best Range Hood in the Kitchen (2018 update)

1. Best Budget: Broan 413004 ADA 

BROAN 413004 ADA Capable Non-Ducted Under-Cabinet Range Hood 30-Inch Stainless Steel
1888 Reviews
BROAN 413004 ADA Capable Non-Ducted Under-Cabinet Range Hood 30-Inch Stainless Steel
  • Appliances/Range Hoods
  • Made in: United States
  • Dimensions: 8.4 X 33.4 X 19.8
  • One-level lighting function. Fan blower air mover type
  • Installs as ductless only (non-ducted) with charcoal filter

Last update on 2019-03-23 at 06:10 - Details

2. Best Value: Chef Range Hood 30” C400

Chef Range Hood C400 30” Slim Under Cabinet Kitchen Extractor | Slim Stainless Steel Design with Self Internal Cleaning | 6-Speed Setting with 750 CFM Exhaust Fan and Halogen Lamp | 3-Way Venting
81 Reviews
Chef Range Hood C400 30” Slim Under Cabinet Kitchen Extractor | Slim Stainless Steel Design with Self Internal Cleaning | 6-Speed Setting with 750 CFM Exhaust Fan and Halogen Lamp | 3-Way Venting
  • POWERFUL 750 CFM EXTRACTOR: Sleek and contemporary, this slim stainless steel under cabinet range hood features 6 speeds to prevent cooking smells recirculating around the home.
  • EASY AUTO CLEAN: The innovative kitchen exhaust fan is designed to clean the extractor motors with water to improve ventilator hygiene and prolong the motor life. No water line needed!
  • BUTTONLESS DESIGN: The under cabinet ventilation appliance features a touch control panel making regular cleaning effortless. The extractor hood also comes with a digital screen with clock.
  • WARM KITCHEN LIGHT: Our stainless steel stove fan comes with two halogen lights in a warming color that integrates well with any kitchen, creating a calm and cozy atmosphere for cooking.
  • THREE-WAY VENT OPTION: The ventilation tool comes with all adapters for professional or DIY installation in most kitchens. Top and rear vent options - 6" round or 10" x 3-1/4" rectangular adapter.

Last update on 2019-03-23 at 06:10 - Details

3. Best Overall: CAVALIERE 36″ Island Mounted Stainless Steel

CAVALIERE 36' Island Mounted Stainless Steel/Glass Kitchen Range Hood 900 CFM SV218D-I36
33 Reviews
CAVALIERE 36" Island Mounted Stainless Steel/Glass Kitchen Range Hood 900 CFM SV218D-I36
  • 19 Gauge Stainless Steel / Tempered Glass Design
  • Four Dimmable LED Lights. Dishwasher Safe Stainless Steel Baffle Filters.
  • 900-CFM Blower For Heavy Duty Cooking
  • Dual 6- speed- Electronic, Touch Sensitive Control Panels with LCD Display
  • Telescopic Chimney Fits up to a 8.5' Ceiling (Chimney Extensions Sold Separately for Higher Ceilings). USA based customer support team.

Last update on 2019-03-23 at 06:10 - Details

4. Best Overall: Chef 30” PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Chef 30” PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood, Stainless Steel | PRO PERFORMANCE | Contemporary Modern Design w/860 CFM, Touch Screen w/Digital Clock, Dishwasher Safe Baffle Filters, LED Lamps, 3-Way Venting
276 Reviews
Chef 30” PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood, Stainless Steel | PRO PERFORMANCE | Contemporary Modern Design w/860 CFM, Touch Screen w/Digital Clock, Dishwasher Safe Baffle Filters, LED Lamps, 3-Way Venting
  • CONTEMPORARY MODERN DESIGN: Full stainless steel body with digital screen that integrates beautifully with your kitchen remodel.
  • POWERFUL 860 CFM WITH DELAY SHUT-OFF: Customize your Chef range hood with the 6 speed setting to play with the suction and noise level.
  • EASY TO CLEAN FILTERS: Chef's 30in range hood is designed with easy-to-remove stainless steel baffle filters. Just place in the dishwasher to clean!
  • BRIGHT ENERGY SAVING LAMPS: LED lamps help save energy in your kitchen while emit enough lights to meet your cooking need.
  • THREE-WAY VENTING: Vertical venting: 6" round adapter or 10" x 3-1/4" rectangular adapter; Rear venting: 10" x 3-1/4" rectangular adapter. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed! Click "Add to Cart" now!

Last update on 2019-03-23 at 06:10 - Details

5. Best High-end: FOTILE EMS9016 36″

FOTILE EMS9016 36"Without Cabinet High Airflow Kitchen Range Hood with LED Lights
  • 50dB Super Low Noise. Enjoy the Clean and Quiet Life in the Kitchen.
  • Full Acceleration Access, Simultaneous Cooking Fume Extraction with a Larger Amount of Smoke Intake Per Unit
  • Delay Function. Let the Hood Work Alone after Cooking.
  • 304 Stainless Steel Surface,Classic and Fashionable Design!
  • Hided Super Large Oil Cup.LED Lights, Energy Saving.

Last update on 2019-03-23 at 06:10 - Details

Some Tips for Using a Cooker Hood

Some Tips for Using a Cooker Hood
Some Tips for Using a Cooker Hood

  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
  • Use rags or soft cloths to add detergents when cleaning the machine.
  • Only use with stable power.
  • Limit the hard objects to spatter into the machine.
  • Always use the right speed.
  • Should clean the screen of fat about two months/time.
  • With machines that have more active carbon, after about six months to 1 year, you should clean it once.
  • It is only allowed to open the machine after the cooking process has ended.
  • Regular maintenance is possible and at least one time for every 6 months – 1 year to improve machine life.

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