Top 7 best refrigerant recovery machine reviews in 2019

The very best refrigerant recovery machine can decrease work time and needs very little supervision when using it. With regulations about using refrigerants become more rigorous by the afternoon, it is becoming paramount to utilize only the very best refrigerant recovery machines.

As technology advances, better and newer recovery units are always being introduced to the industry. Because of this, it’s likely to get confused when deciding on the proper refrigerant recovery program.

But we all know that this particular piece of gear can be costly and nobody wants to invest as much money on a useless machine or one which does a lousy job. And that is the reason many spend quite a while searching around and comparing. To make a choice simpler and more comfortable, we have prepared the lineup of the top 7 best refrigerant recovery machines in 2019.

List of 7 best refrigerant recovery machine

1. Robinair 34988 Premium Refrigerant Recovery Reviews

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This can be Robinair’s flagship recovery component explicitly made for heavy-duty software. It’s completely automatic, has an exceptional recovery period, and even includes a self-recharging attribute. Robinair Premium 34988 is big but surprisingly very lightweight, including four expedient wheels in the base for effortless mobility.

It reaches the current amount with all essential controls placed in the very best for simple access and functioning of this device. The user has to push a couple of buttons in the start then the invention is left to operate spontaneously by itself.

Robinair 34988’s automatic air-purge mode quickly rids the machine of unwanted air. Such air may otherwise damage internal components. Also, there is a notification function that alerts the user whenever a process has been completed. This is the only refrigerant recovery machine that runs on an oil-based compressor.

2. Appion G1 Single Recovery Machine

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Categorized among the top-rated refrigerant recovery machines on the current market, this system by Appion will create recovering R410a refrigerant very simple and also secure. It is very straightforward to set up and readily connects to many systems. The device is well-designed for ordinary usage and has a durable and robust case for reliability and durability.

It satisfies both liquid and gaseous refrigerant and does not need any purge or throttling because everything occurs automatically. The built-in 7-inch turbine fan generates around 600cfm of chilly air to cool the system.

3. Yellow Jacket 95760 RecoverXLT reviews

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Yellow Jacket XLT refrigerant recovery machine gets the most beautiful aesthetic appeal in contrast to all five components reviewed here. It’s a streamlined design but amazingly more substantial when compared with this Inficon G1. Despite its weight, this retrieval unit is very mobile and the quietest inside this review.

These retrieval apparatus stink over the eye due to this multicolored glazed outer casing. The shaped case is blue and is designed to fit seamlessly into the front, gray housing. You will find yellowish highlights too, particularly around the strain valves and on either side. Yellow Jacket XLT refrigerant recovery system manages all kinds of refrigerants; liquid and gaseous.

4. Robinair 34788-H A/C Recover reviews

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This machine is acceptable for a hybrid in addition to non-hybrid vehicles operating large voltage compressors. It is one of the easiest to work and can be compliant with all refrigerant recovery criteria J-2788. It recovers, recycles, and recharges safely and fast.

The mobile unit consists of high-quality substances and is based on superior technology to purge the atmosphere automatically and ensures no leakage to the air. The refilling also happens mechanically, and this reduces the time and effort required. It’s a simple to use and read panel and is easy to maneuver around with due to the lightweight and wheel kit layout.

5. INFICON 714-202-G1 Vortex Dual Refrigerant Recovery Machine

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Inficon G1 is a slick black and grey refrigerant recovery component which is thicker compared to Robinair RG3 and Appion G5. This makes it the biggest of the three too, a quality that comes to perform in the way its inner elements are laid out.

This item includes a solid outer structure to safeguard against the harm of inner parts. An ergonomic grip is fitted to the upper portion for simple carrying of this recovery component. Moreover, this version has a custom made shoulder strap which could be employed to transfer the device together with the break-resistant handle.

This gadget is an easy-to-use part of the gear. All of the critical controls are situated on the top, and they comprise pressure indicators and inflow-outflow valve controllers. One added benefit is that the valve controller knobs are strengthened using a molded casing which makes them scratch resistant.

6. Yellow Jacket 95762 Recover XLT Refrigerant Recovery Machine with Sensor

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Yellow Jacket 95762 sports one valve which enables rapid changeover from gas to liquid and vice versa. It’s relatively lightweight and easy to go around with. The device boasts of 1 / 2 hp oil-fewer compressor which runs quite quietly and ensures that the functionality is quite smooth.

It does not have problems with vibration, intermittent operation, and is automated. This leaves using it not just pure and simple but also suitable. It’s kept cool through an integrated motorized fan and can also be super quiet but provide significant air flow.

7. Appion G5TWIN Twin Cylinder Recovery reviews

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Weighing only 24 pounds, the G5TWIN refrigerant recovery unit is one of the lightest in the marketplace. Nonetheless, regardless of its lightness, it’s relatively robust. It is available in a streamlined design to manage regular requirements and is suggested for R410A refrigerant both liquid and vapor.

The attachment comprises twin compressors and double cylinders for ultra-fast functionality and efficacy. And to remove bearing contamination, the device comes with a refrigerant-isolated crankcase. It provides an exceptionally smooth and quiet operation and runs cool, which is credited to the potent cooling air that’s created by the built-in 10-blade turbine fan which blows around 600 cm of fresh air.


The items mentioned above are the very best refrigerant recovery machines available on the market. They score highly in the essential issues including reliability, effectiveness, flexibility, durability, building quality, efficacy, conducting, and maintenance.

To think of the listing, we needed to compare various kinds of merchandise and the fact was that it was not simple. Modern machines are mighty, dependable, and share many similarities. The gap between the first and final thing is quite minimal by choosing any of the things which you will enjoy the very best service.

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