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Top 7 best silk sleeping bag liner for travelling reviews

A silk sleeping bag liner is a lightweight and thin fabric sack made to be slid inside a sleeping bag. It keeps your sleeping bag clean and free from body oils, and so raises its thermal efficiency. Be aware that body oils reduce the attic and warmth of a sleeping bag. People who utilise a comforter (a super lightweight zipperless sleeping bag which leaves your spine in direct contact with all the sleeping mat ) frequently pair it with a sleeping bag lining because the lining increases the relaxation of the minimalistic sleeping arrangement.

Another advantage is that it lets you wash your sleeping bag significantly less frequently, which raises its lifespan and reduces the degradation of a sleeping bag’s insulation. In scorching weather, if you’ve got your sleeping bag partly unzipped, the lining also safeguards you against germs and mosquitoes.

The lining is usually made from thin fabric and is shaped just like a cocoon. You can sleep at the lining wearing clothing or ass naked. Think about a best silk sleeping bag liner for a bed sheet to your backcountry with seven choose below.

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List of 7 best silk sleeping bag liner for travelling reviews

1. Cocoon Expedition Liner-RipStop Silk MummyLiner

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The Cocoon Ripstop Silk Expedition is because of its durability and reduced weight very popular with mountaineers and hikers. It’s constructed from silk, that’s fortified with interwoven threads in regular periods (ripstop) for greater tear resistance. The substance is well-packable, breathable, moisture-wicking and rapid drying. The sleeping bag liner is available in 3 distinct sizes (S, L and M ) to get a good fit.

Cocoon asserts this item adds up to five °C of additional heat into the sleeping bag. But, it is essential to be aware that these evaluations don’t apply to everyone (some people today get cold faster than many others ). The Cocoon Ripstop Silk Expedition also has a drawstring hood and includes a waterproof stuff sack for simple packing (when packaged it measures just 5 x 2.3 in. It fits perfectly to specialised (mummy) sleeping bags.

2. Marycrafts 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Single Sleeping Bag Liner Travel Sheet Sleepsack 83″x33″

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The Marycrafts sleeping bag silk linner is a perfect alternative if you would rather pure substances. The lining is offered in a couple of different colours to fit your tastes and is quite simple to stay clean and clean, as you make your way from place to place.

The Mulberry Silk this lining is made from is quite soft and breathable, yet lasting, which makes for a comfortable way to sleep for several excursions to come. This lining will keep you cool and secure from bed bugs in hostels and warm because you transition into new places on air travel buses!

3. Rab Traveller Silk Bag Liner Traveller

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The Rab Mummy Silk resembles the Cocoon Ripstop Silk Expedition manufactured from 100% silk and therefore provides similar attributes. On the other hand, the Rab Mummy Silk comes just in 1 size.

The Rab Mummy Silk is also quite light (it weighs only 4.5 oz / 128 g ) and well-packable. The liner has a stuff sack for simple storage and is made for use with specialized sleeping bags (mummy). Rab also supplies a cotton version of the product that is a lot heavier (340 g ).

4. DIMPLES EXCEL Sleeping Bag Liner with Luxurious Space

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Dimples draw focus to the generous dimensions of the sleeping bag liner, which steps 220x105cm, more significant than the conventional. Therefore this may be a fantastic alternative for tall people or people who don’t enjoy the feeling of being hemmed in. We have discovered that some bigger sleeping bag liners got all wrapped up around our thighs as we slept, yet this liner did not have that issue.

A positive quality of the sleeping bag is the fact that it’s easy to get in and from and you do not need to creep to it, as it’s a 60cm side opening, together with Velcro fastenings.

We particularly enjoy the material this liner is constructed from, a soft and silky lace that feels nice against the skin, though it’s somewhat slippery, particularly when you’re attempting to roll it up tight to package it off. A significant positive side for this item is that the 90-day money back assurance that Dimples offer.

5. Sea to Summit Stretch Silk Liner

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It’s manufactured from 100% silk and also uses the ripstop reinforcement procedure. The product provides excellent comfort on account of the qualities of lace (moisture-wicking, breathable etc.).

Sea to Summit provides this product in many unique variations; regular rectangular, long rectangular, a traveller with cushion, dual and a mummy with the hood if you’re planning to use it with a mummy sleeping bag you need to opt for the hooded mummy variant.

6. Browint Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

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Brown has been fabricating high excellent fabric goods for adventure travellers and outdoor fans since 1998. Quality is always our top concern throughout the full procedure of this creation. We can offer you a more and reliable option.

Browint is compressed in a modest nylon carry case. You won’t feel any weight whatsoever once you travel with this specific sleep equipment on your backpack.

7. Kingdom Outdoor Gear 100% Premium Mulberry Silk Rectangular Sleeping Bag Liner

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Luxuriously soft eight momme silk keeps you cooler on warm summer nights and warmer as soon as the temperature drops. You will sleep more comfortably if using your KOG lining by itself on a buddy’s sofa, or within your sleeping bag in your favourite campsite. Naturally hypoallergenic, you won’t discover a more relaxed sleep with any additional substance.

This sleeping bags can be quite costly and also a real hassle to scrub. Protect your investment by maintaining your body’s oils, dirt, and sweat from it.

Measuring 220cm x 95cm (86″ x 37″), men, girls, and young adults around 6’6″ will probably be comfy, while also reducing unnecessary majority for more short sleepers.


All these silk sleeping bag liners for travelling are all great possibilities, and they’ll all keep your sleeping bag clean, though some do require hand washing, you have to believe carefully on your other requirements before deciding.

If your priority is a lining that could double as a blanket and also be utilised around the home in addition to packing down to some rather modest size and taken on experience, a fleece blanket is a fantastic alternative.

If your priority is getting something as mild as possible, that is a primary function is to maintain the interior of your sleeping bag clean. Subsequently, lace is not the ideal stuff for you. However, you ought to be taking a look at lace or lace.

If you are unusually short or tall, do not neglect to search for a liner that is a suitable size, which means you are covered entirely although not lost in yards of material.

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