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Top 7 best spray tan machine (2019 Reviews)

The best spray tan machine to your needs is dependent upon funding, some customers, ease of handling, professional attributes, performance, and reliability. All those machines with this page employ HVLP technology for minimum overspray, speedy and precise sunless tan program, and reduced cost of production.

The ideal spray tanning machines are proving to be among the most popular accessories you can get today. Let us be real — nearly everyone looks better if they have reached a little tan happening.

We all know in the sun all day can put our health at risk, a lot of folks have made to spray tan to attain that beautiful shine.

Are you looking for this sun-kissed glow in all the wrong places? Are you prepared to choose your sunless tanning to another degree in the comfort of your home without spending a ridiculous amount? Below are the top 7 best spray tan machine reviews in 2019

List of 7 best spray tan machine reviews

1. Maxi-Mist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning KIT Tent Machine Airbrush Tan Maximist BRWN

Maxi-Mist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning KIT Tent Machine Airbrush Tan Maximist BRWN

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If you’re seeking salon grade results on a budget, then this spray tan machine is your very best option. Programmers and users alike concur that this machine would be your crème de crème of tanning machines. It’s ideal for home use since the engine system is meant for occasional usage. It includes a large carry bag, so if you would like to create a few pennies, then you can begin a cell tanning company. And transport should not be any problem as it’s relatively lightweight.

There’s also a professional fashion cloth tent to protect the surrounding region and cloth from becoming stained. The tanning kit has a flea remedy from Tampa Bay Tan that’s 100% vegan.

Its remedy is organic so safe to use. The device is quite beginner friendly and simple to maneuver. The Teflon needle guarantees that the gun stays clog-free, so you get efficient outcomes. The lightweight machine includes a cell design which makes it convenient for home usage. You get to pick from three distinct colors when purchasing this unit.

2. Black Fascination FX Spray Tanning Kit with Tanning Solution Pack & Black Tent

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With exquisite styling, the Fascination FX includes silver trim and bold shapes with an ergonomic grip. It’s compact and lightweight making it perfect for portable tanners but may also fit beautifully into an upscale salon.

Also, you become silent operation with a sound dampening enclosure at the turbine’ s outside shell that provides you with a double layer of noise baffling. In the back of the device, air consumption will happen to lessen overspray. Passing through dual filters, the air consumption goes via washable filters which may be retrieved by a convenient snap out insure.

With all the color-coordinated spray gun characteristics, you receive a metallic alloy needle which comprises a flexible air-cap to select vertical, horizontal, or curved spray patterns readily. The gun contains a quick-connect fitting along with a fluid controller knob that provides you with exact spray modification using a graduated cup supplying natural fluid dimensions. The spray gun can also be optimized for striking spray atomization and efficient solution use. Also, it’s securely stored from the spray unit’s cupholder which comprises an ergonomic grip. The Concentrate airbrush tanning solution is reinforced with antioxidant and also generated with natural DHA.

3. St. Tropez Pro Light Spray Tan

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An at-home salon grade spray tan machine which provides a perfect natural-looking, streak-free golden tan.

The newest creation of spray tan machine includes Micro-Whirlwind Technology that provides a constant stream of quiet atmosphere together with the heat seal to get a streak-free perfect finish. Customize your tan and then turn your bathroom into your persona spray tan salon!

St. Tropez Guru Light Spray Tan is a comprehensive solution for your desire to have a natural-looking gold glow on all skin tones. The kit includes a 100% natural DHA (tanning agent) to get smudge-free outcomes. Its 2-way elastic nozzle lets you tan your skin both horizontally as well as vertically.

4. Fuji Mini Tan M Model System Spray Tan hvlp

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This compact machine is a mix of the tiniest and most effective system available on the industry. This newest model from Fuji didn’t disappoint. Being an HVLP model, it’s quite fast and doesn’t flow. This Fuji is one of the quietest models on the marketplace. The only alteration a user needs to create is a fluid modification. Once that’s set, there’s not anything else that you do.

The attributes on this machine are exclusive just to Fuji. However, this comes as no surprise because it’s been one of the top producers of spray in the previous ten decades.

There’s a pattern controller knob situated at the medial side. It’s meant to assist you to go from little to large patterns and whatever in between. It does so by adjusting the rate and dimensions of the enthusiast. Most other spray tan machines possess the adjustable role in the front collar. The benefit of having it on the side is that it provides the consumer. Together with the Fuji Mini Tan, you’ve got complete control of the way you want your lover rotation. Subsequently, you receive less overspray and mist from the atmosphere.

5. Apollo Mini-Mist Deluxe Sunless Spray Tanning System

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Fantastic for any novice tech, the Apollo Mini Mist is user-friendly and very reasonable. Having a lightweight turbine, the Mini Mist is not delicate to carry for cellular tanners, the weight just ten lbs. This is a powerful machine which does not create extra noise letting you have the ability to talk without crying.

Made with stainless metal bits, the applicator is made for greater atomization. Also, it’s not hard to wash giving it more extended durability. Having a docking station for your applicator, a technology that’s fast to connect, and also the capacity to update to the stainless-steel T5020 gun, this can be a user-friendly machine that’s highly versatile.

6. MineTan Bronze Babe Personal Spray Tan Kit

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Today you can do it all yourself using the MineTan Bronze Babe Personal Spray Tan Kit! Spray yourself, family and friends in the comfort of your home with this convenient little device — the Tan. Handy Spray Tan System. Whether you’re a newcomer to spray a tiny specialist, the Tan, helpful is simple to use you will be tanning like a pro very quickly! MineTan makes it effortless to become a bronze babe, all of the time!

MineTan Bronze Babe Personal Spray Tan Kit is created for Your House. It’s possible to find a streak-free, perfect, airbrush end when you tan utilizing this item. Its technology permits you to brown your own body uniformly with no place or color difference in the look.

7. Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine Kit with Tanning Solution and Black Tent

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Allure is the most recent variant from the spray tan market. The machine promotes a slick body and its bronze, and black alloy body adds to its elegance. It’s famous for a spray nozzle which provides the spray lover atomization.

The machine includes a stylized salon layout that provides a luxurious feel of elegance, luxury, and class. Satin Spray Nozzle Technology maximizes alternative usage providing the most straightforward tan software. It does so with the assistance of its own patented lace spray nozzle to get outstanding atomization.

The foundation has a lock and twists design to maintain the hose protected and also make setting up quick and straightforward. There’s a weapon holder so that the machine could be transferred while the rifle is docked without spillage. It is possible to draw this up to assist in moving and keeping the device.


Most of us know just how typical a spray tan machine is in beauty parlors, but not everybody knows you could purchase a reasonable and spray tan machine for your dwelling. Now you can go on and select what satisfies your needs the most. The spray tan machines have proven to become highly popular with the women and men from all cultures because of their look-good, feel-good exploration.

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