Top 7 best tire changers machine reviews in 2019

One of the most critical pieces of equipment in any tire shop, the tire changer machine can be a simple, welded steel-tube device to raise a tire and wheel to comfortable work height up to a nearly fully automated tire-changing robot.

There are many features to view: roller or shovel-type bead separators, integrated tire inflation systems, air-surge pulse for faster inflation speed and improved bead seating, low-speed drive systems with increased torque for servicing robust combinations, and leverless mounting/demounting. Rising levels of convenience, efficiency, and comfort come at a price, so take the time to determine what is best for your shop.

If you’re finding the market for a quality tire changer wheel balancer for home garage, you’ve come to the right place. There are so many options you can pick from, and it ultimately comes down to your intended use and budget. If you’re tight on money, don’t worry. We have reviewed sets varying in price to find one that fits your budget.

Lisf of 7 best tire changers machine reviews

1. Ranger R-980XR Products Electric Tire Changer

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The Ranger R-980XR tire changer out of Ranger Products was made to carry the abuses of a high-volume bicycle store. According to the manufacturer, the R-980XR conserves an unprecedented quantity of space over conventional tilt-back style tire changers of comparable power because of some unique dual-roller swing-arm bead media mounting system.

Designed to low-profile service tires and big luxury wheels alike, the R-980XR also supplies innovative power assist capabilities like a quick-change lower disk roller and centering cone to help in clamping, lubricating, demounting, mounting and inflation to get the obstinate wheel and tire combinations, the manufacturer said.

2. TRIUMPH NTC-950 & NTB-550 Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Combo Package

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TRIUMPH has brought together among the most excellent prices available on the market. They have combined their bestselling tire changer and wheel balancer to produce the perfect combination to start your wheel service store. The two 110V, buying both of these machines collectively saves users tens of thousands of bucks.

With this combo, you will have the ability to service more or less any car that pushes up to your store. The NTC-950 tire changer is targeted more towards industrial usage and provides users the choice to run flat and low-profile tires together with assistance from this help arm.

3. Hofmann monty 1575 Tire Changer

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Hofmann, a branch of Snap-on Equipment, provides the Monty 3300 Racing AT Plus semi-automatic tilt-tower design leverless tire changer. Bead breaking is achieved utilizing a traditional bead breaker shoe managing wheel widths from 1.5 inches to 17 inches broad.

A laser dot explains the rim border for exact positioning of this leverless mounting mind, the business noted. A pneumatically-controlled finger, inserted between the tire bead and the rim border, raises the tire bead to get demounting without needing a tire lever.

By mounting, the device’s pressing roller and pressing foot supply hands-free mounting of their most robust tire beads.

4. Mayflower – 1.5 HP Tire Changer Wheel Changers Machine Balancer Rim Clamp Combo 560 680

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Mounting tires using this wheel and tire combo is rather straightforward. Although it’s the cheapest unit of those three in our inspection, it functions equally as high as a professional tier combo package.

The tire changer comes with a rim clamping out of 10″-18″ and rim clamping interior of 12″-21″.

Furthermore, such as the tire changer, the wheel balancer includes a blue powder coating finish along with a power source of 100V. Its rim diameter is composed of 10″-24″ using a rim width of 1.5″-20″.

Additionally, it includes three rotational cones, a fast release wing nut, and many accessories.

5. John Bean EEWHT8010TR – Tire Changer, L54In, 16to22.5In Tire Rim

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John Bean, a Branch of Snap-on Equipment, has introduced a Completely automatic the John Bean EEWHT8010TR.

Single joystick controller is all that is necessary for the whole mount/demount procedure, as stated by the manufacturer. The tech has minimum actions to do to mount all of the tire kinds, such as run-flat tires securely.

6. Nationwide NW-530 Tire Changer and NW-953 Wheel Balancer Combo

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The Nationwide NW-530 and NW-953 that are perfect possibilities for smaller stores on a strict budget. Combined, both of these parts of gear bring wonders for your workspace. The balancer is going to do a 1.5″-20″ wide wheel as well as 39″ diameter rail.

The tire changer supplies a swing arm design, manual of performance, and side mounted bead breaker. The bead seats inflation jets guarantee fast and secure inflation.

The NW-953-wheel balancer doesn’t fall much behind! It’s created using a self-calibrating, self-diagnosing, and optimization application. It has multiple operator apps make it a cinch to use plus it includes three centering cones for optimum functionality. Two excellent goods for the cost, you will not be disappointed with this combo package.

7. TRIUMPH NTC950-1 & NTB-800 Tire Service Combo Package

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The NTC-950-1 is an industrial design tire changer provides you the capability to perform run horizontal and very low profile tires with the support of this NTB-800 help arm.

Paired using all the NTB-800 Wheel Balancer, you can service almost any car that could push to your store. NTC-950-1 Tire Changer opens up to 28″ and can be outfitted with and Help Arm, Jet Blast Inflator System plus also a powerful bead breaker system.

The NTB-800 includes two unique features. To begin with, it’s a wheel fracture so that you may grip the wheel in position when placing on the weights. Secondly, it’s automatic data entry. This means that rather than having to enter parameters as if you usually could do, you merely need to open one parameter and the machine passes another two automatically.


There’s so much to remember when coming to your decision. However, the seven choices provided above will provide you with the very best for the money. They’re accurate, cheap, provide excellent customer service, and so are backed up using some guarantee.

Ultimately, the two programs go hand in hand which makes it more successful when purchased at precisely the same moment. Tire changers, in addition to wheel balancers, can reap any size company greatly. It means a more significant base customer for your enterprise, hence necessitating quality tire services. A fantastic combo bundle is essential in supplying successful services to people who go to your shop — considering investing in 1 today!

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