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Top 7 Best Window Bird Feeder In 2019

best window bird feeder

Among the best things about a window bird feeder will be that, because it is attached to a window, so it lets you watch the creatures which come to feed from a near distance. Bird lovers everywhere understand that coming too near a creature can make it scatter off, therefore being separated by a few glass supplies both you and the creature a little bit of protection against one another.

List Of 7 Best Window Bird Feeder

#1 – Best Window Bird Feeder with Strong Suction Cups & Seed Tray, Outdoor Birdfeeders for Wild Birds, Finch, Cardinal, Bluebird, Large Outside Hanging Birdhouse Kits, Drain Holes + 3 Extra Suction Cups

Best Window Bird Feeder with Strong Suction Cups & Seed Tray


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If you’re trying to find a top quality bird feeder, to attract birds right to your window, then you’ll adore our Nature’s Hangout Outdoor Window Bird Feeder!  It’s produced of high transparency, translucent acrylic so you’re able to study and enjoy the attractiveness of bird species that are nearby. You can now enjoy bird viewing from the comfort of your house when drinking your morning coffee, making dinner, or even working at your own desk!

The removable tray makes it effortless to rapidly and easily wash. Just get rid of the tray, also discard any debris and older seeds. You could also quickly wipe the surface down with a moist towel to eliminate any dirt or watermarks. And you do not have to Be Worried about mold growing indoors

#2 – Juegoal Window Hummingbird Feeder, 8-Ounce

Juegoal Window Hummingbird Feeder, 8-Ounce

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  • 8 ounce capacity with 3 feeding ports, enabling hummingbirds to consume nectar at precisely the same moment.
  • Includes a suction-cup mounting bracket, it is possible to install it upon a window by means of these accessories.
  • The ant-moat produces a barrier to crawling insects trying to get to the nectar.
  • In case you don’t have a crawling insect issue, it’s not required to utilize the ant-moat.
  • Simple to wash and simple to fill the nectar.

#3 – Gray Bunny GB-6844 Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit

Gray Bunny GB-6844 Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit


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  • Attract a huge variety of birds by providing a diverse selection of bird meals in various kinds of feeders.
  • Added water cup offers all birds will need to create your feeding station their everyday destination.
  • Set it outside your house close to a window by your terrace and have a transparent viewing angle for hours of amazing entertainment.
  • A terrific gift idea for parents, nature lovers and kids.
  • Maintaining the feeding station becomes a fun activity that is fantastic for keeping older busy or instructing young one’s obligation.
  • The sense of satisfaction and joy that comes from consuming hungry creatures is priceless.

#4 – Tadge Goods Window Bird Feeder for Outside

Tadge Goods Window Bird Feeder for Outside


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Are you seeking a fun, engaging way to feed birds into your garden whilst at the same time having an up close and personal look in their colours, species and feathers? You then want the Tadge Goods Window-Mounted Bird Feeder, an ultra-clear, easy-to-mount bird feeder which sticks into your bedroom or kitchen window with three powerful, weather-resistant suction cups.  A wonderful way to relax, unwind, or find out about birds in your area, get 1 now and revel in their attractively unique colours, sizes and shapes!

Animal Education

Perfect for avid bird waters and children alike, get a bird identification book to decide on our transparent hanging bird feeder and also find out about birds around your house! Experience amazing colours, designs, and songs from your favourite feathered friends, spend some time with children or grandkids and also have fun studying!

Weather and Squirrel Resistant

The ultra-strong window bracket layout with three premium suction cups makes it simple to attach into a bedroom or kitchen window for feeding and watching birds while also keeping squirrels from climbing to it and stealing food. The suction cups can also be snow, rain and weather resistant, and meaning you can use it all year round.

#5 – Birdscapes Clear Window Feeder 348

Birdscapes Clear Window Feeder 348

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Although this bird feeder is not specifically labelled for children, there are a couple of reasons why this makes a terrific present for them. To begin with, it is very cheap so that you do not need to think about wasted money in case your children break it. Still, another reason is that it’s lightweight so children can manage the feeder readily. It is small and simple to hang with the suction cups, which making it simple for children to use and/or go around.

#6 – Gray Bunny GB-6895 Clear Window Bird Feeder

Gray Bunny GB-6895 Clear Window Bird Feeder

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  • Premium grade suction cups are going to continue to keep the feeder shinier securely in your window or any smooth surface without any neglect.
  • Extra deep tray retains 1.5 cups of bird seed, which lessens the frequency of having to refill.
  • Drain holes at the tray and bottom of this feeder prevent seeds from remaining moist and growing mould.
  • Strong roof shields seeds and birds, whereas the extra wide opening accommodates bigger birds such as jays.
  • Padded perch features comfort and traction so that people stay longer.
  • Made from the cleverest minds, using only the highest grade materials and specialist manufacturing methods, GrayBunny provides premium products to your yard and garden whilst surpassing highest business standards and supplying exceptional customer support.

#7 – SAFETYON Window Bird Feeder Birdhouse Hanging Bird Feeder 2in1 Functions

SAFETYON Window Bird Feeder Birdhouse Hanging Bird Feeder 2in1 Functions

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UNIQUE DESIGN: This bird feeder can’t just be hung on a window, however, in addition, hung to a tree branch in addition to utilized in a traditional feeder program.

HIGH QUALITY FOR ALL WEATHER: Our birdhouse is constructed from extra-thick acrylic glass, and this is characterized by crystal foil, impact resistance, thermal equilibrium, lightweight.

MULTIFUNCTIONALITY: A big bird feeder could be connected to a window, but may also be hung on a tree in your yard or playground.  At precisely the identical time, bothersome squirrels can’t utilize our dangling birdhouse.


Best window bird feeders could be enjoyable to have around so long as you care for these and keep them tidy. Quality is essential since you don’t need them to continuously break, and lots of bird feeders include an excellent guarantee. We’ve given you great options to receive your hunt heading for the ideal bird feeder, however, the great thing about these is you don’t only need to select one. You may choose one to your front lawn and another one for the garden. No matter what you decide, utilize the information we have provided to pick the best bird feeder to get you.

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