DICTOPRO D100 Wireless Bluetooth Foldable Keyboard – A Fantastic Tool for Your Computer Work


Have you ever heard about wireless Bluetooth keyboard?

Do you want to have a foldable keyboard for your computer?

If this is your wish, DICTOPRO D100 Wireless Bluetooth Foldable Keyboard will be a perfect option for you at this moment. This product is an amazing solution for those people who are traveling a lot and working hard on the computer at the same time. It will reduce the stress on your wrist as well as fit in your pocket perfectly. Therefore, why don’t you consider this ergonomic design immediately, and of course, you will not regret this decision later.

The Design

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First and foremost, we have to mention the portable and ultra-slim design of this keyboard. Sounds interesting, right? This factor will definitely catch your attention after having the first look. And very surprisingly, this wireless keyboard can even fit in your jacket pocket without any troubles.

The reason is that DICTOPRO D100 keyboard is designed with only 7 mm, which is considered as one of the slimmest keyboards on the current market. However, the whole construction is very firm and solid, so you can feel very comfortable while typing.

Especially, there are two color options for you to choose between gold and silver, which are quite trendy these days. Furthermore, you can make full use of the keyboard shortcuts that you are familiar with. That is why you can keep your working as efficient as possible.

The Compatibility

The second feature that you should talk about this keyboard is its ability to connect with all of the devices. This incredible product is compatible with Apple, Microsoft, as well as Samsung. As a result, you can pair it to your iPad, your MacBook, your iPhone, your Android phone, and your Samsung Galaxy as well.

Thanks to this universal software support, you do not need to worry about your current devices. Besides, with the innovative Bluetooth technology, the setup stage is very easy and simple for people of all ages.

Also, it is capable of memorizing the past connections of 3 devices in total. This element is very convenient for anyone who tends to use many devices at the same time. You do not need to spend time on pairing this keyboard with different devices every time.

On top of that, there is a special feature of DICTOPRO D100 keyboard that not many people notice. In particular, you can move around your room and type on this keyboard instead of staying still. As a consequence, try to stay 10 meters away from your laptop and use the keyboard, then you can enjoy the different typing experience in your life.

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The Durability

Moving to the next one, DICTOPRO D100 keyboard has earned its reputation for being the durable and compact item. You can bring along this product during your travel without caring about the damages. The hard plastic case will actually protect this keyboard from being broken and destroyed.

In addition, you may not know that the front of DICTOPRO D100 keyboard is designed with the durable ABS. And also, the back of this item is protected with the aluminum alloy, which will add the extra durability and stability to this product with no doubt.

Thus, I have to say that DICTOPRO D100 keyboard will offer a light but solid feeling for all of the users. Moreover, this product can prevent your wrist from being painful after typing for a long time due to its ergonomic shape. This design is made to provide you with a healthy typing way.

The Battery Life

Do you care about the duration of the battery whenever purchasing anything?

I think yes, of course. Everyone will expect the great battery life since it is a plus point to consider buying this product. And well, DICTOPRO D100 keyboard will satisfy your wish. With the 110 mAh lithium battery, you can use this item for the ideal maximum of 60 hours.

Moreover, it can stay in the standby mode for almost 150 days. But remember that you need to plug in the battery for around 2 hours for the full charge before the next use. I highly recommend that you should not exceed this time limit since it is going to put a bad effect on the lifespan of the battery.

The Discount, Warranty and Return Policy

Last but not least, DICTOPRO D100 keyboard always wants to maximize the best experience for their customers. As a result, if you have any problems while using this item, there is a one-year warranty available for you.

On top of that, you can save up to 57 percent for this product when buying it right now. The price is very attractive for everyone to consider. Hence, quickly grab your chance and do not miss it! In addition, the Customer Care of DICTOPRO will be willing to help you during the weekdays and the weekends also.

Hence, you can seek for their technical assistance anytime. Especially, in case your products are damaged or broken during the shipping process, you can return it to DICTOPRO within 30 days. The special thing is that the buyer is not the person who pays the shipping cost when returning the faulty items. However, for the international shipping, the buyer needs to spend this delivery fee.


In conclusion, I wish that all of my sharing in this article will help you know more about DICTOPRO D100 Wireless Bluetooth Foldable Keyboard. It is incredible in any situations in terms of the ergonomic design, the durability, along with the long battery life. However, if you want to discuss this topic more, please do not hesitate to keep in touch with me anytime.


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