Pioneer HDJ X10 Review – Best Headset from The Perspective of a DJ

The Pioneer HDJ-X10 is the hottest Headset in the HDJ-X series recently launched by Pioneer.

The DJ Pioneer HDJ-X10 base on the inspiration of the DJ and it is an ideal choice for professional DJs. With its full frequency range, superior sound quality, eye-catching visuals and innovative design, the HDJ-X10 is sure to bring you an incredibly enjoyable experience. Following the article to see more the Pioneer HDJ X10 Review

Pioneer HDJ X10 – High Quality for Professional DJs

The HDJ-X10 ensures absolute audio clarity and clarity in virtually any environment you want – from a wide range of Clubs to Studio releases. 2018 with outstanding upgrade features from the previous HDJ line of Pioneer DJs.

When not in use, the HDJ-X10 can be easily folded up, opened with a removable mini XLR cable, allowing you to carry it anywhere easily.

The HDJ-X10 is not only a perfect choice for Pioneer’s mixer, but it also features an aluminum design that fits all Pioneer DJM models.

In particular, the audio resolution of this headset is raised to 96KHz / 24-bit when connected to the TOUR 1 or Nexus 2.

Pioneer HDJ X10 Reviews

PIONEER HDJ-X10-K Professional DJ Headphone, Black, Standard (HDJX10K)
42 Reviews
PIONEER HDJ-X10-K Professional DJ Headphone, Black, Standard (HDJX10K)
  • High-quality audio design
  • Rigorously Tested
  • Nano coating
  • Comfortable fit
  • Solid refined design

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Pioneer HDJ X10 Review


Designed to deliver the most comfortable and durable user experience, the Headphone is lightweight. With leather pad – soft with foam protection inside for users feel most comfortable when using.

Easy to use

It is easy to move or rotate the headset to 90 degrees, while the auto-return mechanism makes it easier to hear the monitor.

Professional Design

With an L-shaped mini jack that prevents the headphone from slipping or losing connection while playing music, even in tight spaces, the end of the headphone jack has a mini-XLR connector for easy removal. Leaving or changing when damaged becomes easy when replaced


  • Optimal sound quality for pro DJ surveillance
  • Improved sound insulation for perfect clarity in noisy environments
  • Gentle and comfortable for long-term use
  • Comes with sturdy carrying case and handy accessory
  • House swing with auto back support multiple track styles
  • Solid construction to withstand the rigors of professional use


The first time I heard about the Pioneer HDJ-X10 headphones, I think this is an over-engineered product with too much technology. Is there a DJ who needs a headset that doubles the threshold of human hearing? No one. As a DJ going on tour for more than a decade, I’m telling you more than half of the DJ’s probably lost the ability to hear treble strips because of the monitor speakers, or the array Large stadiums have tremendous volume. Moreover, after using Pioneer’s headphones for a few weeks, I still maintain the view that the HDJ-X10 is an over-engineered headset but in a different light: its sound is too good to use for DJ audio.

Most DJ headphones have a boost in the upper-bass and low-mid frequencies. The sound quality of most DJs is inaccurate but very useful in mixing songs in noisy environments. In addition to that, the bass strings would listen to the songs in clubs and bars. Most of the DJ headphones I use, such as the V-Moda Crossfade LP 2, Audio-Technica M50x, have something in common with the kick drums and the Roland DJ-808. Also, the sound quality is quite similar.

The Pioneer HDJ-X10 does not play what I expected. This headset has many firsts in the field of headphones for DJs, with frequencies up to 40kHz (most high-end headphones are just up to 30kHz) and hi-res stamps, but who needs that? This headset has a more realistic bass response than the headphones on the front of the HDJ-2000, and much better in the treble strips. As a result, the HDJ-X10 sounds slightly uncomfortable on bass tracks, unlike other DJ headphones and most club speakers. Do you need a headset that can compare most of the recording errors with accuracy and sound quality like a sharp knife? Encouraging a headset model is a bit paradoxical, but you should carefully consider the purpose of use.

Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10 Review

A bootleg of “Bodak Yellow” which I was quite interested in and also brought in my set, but can not be heard through the HDJ-X10. I hear distinct distortion from the DJ-808’s attacks, compressing the vocals to enhance the effects of other instruments, or the bells, percussion, upper-mid, and the boosting of the treble. I can not stand it. Especially if you are in the club, and the melody is too harsh I can still adjust through the mixer but quite tired and time-consuming.

DJs usually play many bootlegs, and homemade mixes are often of poor quality and can not get past the hands of a sound engineer for mixing or mastering. One of my favorite DJ songs on the technical side is not perfect but still helps to stimulate the crowd. I know that “Bodak Yellow” will perform quite well when played live but when listening at home with the HDJ-X10. I feel rather tired of sitting down facing my shortcomings when mixing music. However, look on the positive side, you also find the extreme accuracy even harsher, has to go through the hands of professional engineers to get a quite technical sound and clarity.

Pioneer HDJ X10 Review

I try to use this headset in the Mid, one of the best nightclub in Chicago. In both cases with the pair of monitor speakers in the club, the HDJ-X10 nearly dropped the bass and kicked drum, but the knock and hi-hats are too expressive, sometimes even harsh. I had to open the volume bigger than usual to hear the bass strings while the treble strip was almost too much energy and attack.

In a restroom after the show, conversations with other DJs have asked me for an HDJ-X10. Then he plugs directly into the phone, and he immediately asks, “Where is the bass strings gone?” If the room is quiet and there are no tinkering glasses, and the voice is bouncing against the wall, then maybe he will recognize some warmth in the sound. Moreover, this is also quite annoying for the HDJ-X10, with its silent and ideal environment, the headphones are very helpful and great. However, you will hear in a noisy environment, and the quality tracks mix in the bedroom, so usually the DJ headphones will raise the bass to compensate for this problem.

On the durability, you can bend, twist all type with the HDJ-X10 without worry just like squeezing a towel. I also used this game with other DJs and even got many surprises. So you do not have to worry about headphones or breakdowns, but should not be thrown into a backpack because the HDJ-X10 uses a detachable mini-XL cable and a nice carrying case. Thanks. You should cherish it, preserve it because it deserves to be loved.

Moreover, the nano-coating helps the headband and earpad to sweat, after using it to show me a friend or sweat during the performance (I do not dare touch his headphones anymore). After a week he used two sets of songs, as well as 20 sets of regular DJs that still did not smell. It is a great feature.

I tried to think of a real DJ to use the HDJ-X10 instead of the other headphones. Maybe they can use a headset to produce music on the go both to correct the mixing and mastering, but the last and most important thing is to return to the primary purpose of Live DJ …




  • Nano coating provides sweat resistance
  • Built for long-lasting durability
  • Comfortable for long wear despite bulkiness


  • Under-delivers on low-mids and lows and over-delivers on highs
  • Significantly more expensive than many other DJ headphones
  • Only sound great in specific listening environments

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