Comfort Advocate: Knowing the Pros and Cons of Memory Foam Mattresses

Few things seem as great as a good night’s rest. That’s remarkably true if sleep seems to leave you consistently every night. If you’ve got a word about memory foams, you might wonder if it could help to enhance the quality of your sleep.  While some people speak highly of it, there are others who are not that interested.

What are Memory Foams?

They are both very soft and energy absorbent. Memory foam also molds according to your body in response to pressure and heat, evenly spreading the body weight. It then comes back to its original form the moment you remove the pressure.

Medicine discovered a value for it in products and prosthetics to prevent bedsores or pressure ulcers such as seating pads, particularly for severely disabled people.

Then, memory foam swiftly became famous. Now, it is now well recognized for its value in mattresses, pillows, and mattress pads, which come in various depths and densities. However, it has its share of pros and cons.


  1. The primary reason as to why the memory foam mattresses became so well known is because of their assurance of comfort. It adjusts to your body and help minimizes stress on your spine, which indicates you get the best sleep possible.
  2. Memory foam cushions adequately respond to pressure and heat to minimize pressure point concerns. This notion implies that your neck, spine, and hips are aligned properly, evenly spreading body weight and efficiently fixing a poor sleeping position.
  3. Long-term use of memory foam has been shown to reduce chronic back and neck pain.
  4. Memory foam mattresses also have a positive impact on persistent respiratory problems because it promotes breathing mainly during sleep.
  5. Memory foam cushions in Deal Wiki are formed from materials that support health. They are resistant to dust mite and hypoallergenic, which make them perfect for people who are suffering from respiratory problems or who are prone to allergies.
  6. They are quiet, no creaks or squeaks, and is best for people who sleep beside a partner who continuously moves while sleeping because there is no clear transfer of movement so you can have an evening of continuous sleep.
  7. Memory foam mattress only needs a very little sustenance. You don’t have to flip or turn them, and there is no manifestation sagging. Nearly all mattresses of excellent quality also come with a very reasonable warranty which comes around 10 and 25 years.


  1. Memory foam cushions can be very heavy. But, because you don’t have to turn or flip them, this drawback does not indicate a serious concern.
  2. They have been recognized to be warmer than ordinary mattresses because they cushion your body and the thick foam retains warmth. But with current cooler technologies, more people are experiencing at a continually decreasing rate of this.
  3. In warm climates, the memory foam mattress may become softer than anticipated, and in chilly climates, it may be tougher than expected. But, thanks to central cooling and heating systems, most homes run at a temperature perfect for the cushion to be neither too hard nor too soft.
  4. Some people complained of an unwanted odor from the memory foam mattresses, and this concern happens when they the mattress are not aired properly.
  5. The cost of branded memory foam mattresses may turn a lot of people off. But, the cost of the mattress is normally directly associated with its quality. A mattress based from memory foam may be more costly than a typical mattress, but it is a lot better for your body, and it is durable as well.
  6. Some individuals complain that they do not feel the support they want from their memory foam mattress. Well, this could be due to a couple of things, it is either they bought a low-quality mattress, or the other basic materials that must provide the support are made of poor quality.
  7. This scenario indicates why it is essential that you know the fundamental specifications of the cushion such as the certifications, density, rebound rate,  and all materials applied.


Memory foam mattress is certainly one of the best mattresses available today because they can provide both comfort and health benefits.

On the other hand, just like other beds, memory foam mattresses have its share of disadvantages as well but, it is not a concern that you should set you off because its benefits truly outweigh its drawbacks.

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