Running into Problems: 5 Problems that Show up when doing Renovations

Doing renovations is indeed a tough job. However, if you want to increase the resale value of your homes, an improvement is indeed a bitter pill to swallow. You can call in professionals to do the work, so it’s normal to expect that there are costs involved. A renovation is not merely “repairing” as it is also a good investment.

When doing renovations, whether done by a professional crew or by you, certain problems will arise. Here are some common encounters that a lot of renovators run into:

Hazardous Electricals

Usually, renovations happen when a house is old and has problems. Contractors will usually find that old electrical wirings can easily become hazards. Usually, electrical panels need an upgrade to prevent any untoward incidents.

If you’ve experienced losing power by using appliances such as microwaves, vacuum cleaners, etc. then most probably, there are old electrical wirings in your home. You need to hire professional workers to handle this job as it requires meticulous attention.

Dangerous Chemicals

Believe it or not, a lot of houses are living in toxic environments. Houses built in the past may have paint that has lead in them. Lead can cause damage to almost every organ in the human body. The chemical can cause high blood pressure, kidney failure, and harmful effects on a developing fetus.

Another common, yet toxic compound present in most houses is Asbestos. This mineral is usually used as safety linings due to its high flame-resistant properties. However, asbestos is shown to have harmful effects on the body’s respiratory system.

Harmful elements such as lead and asbestos are why contractors need to wear PPE or Personal Protective Equipment to protect them from toxic fumes and chemicals while doing a renovation.

A Lot of Back Jobs

Houses built in the past often have a lot of renovation work done before. Although there’s a chance that no problem is left behind, there are a few instances where contractors run into serious problems from previous works.

When this happens, a lot of back jobs happen and will undoubtedly hurt the pockets of homeowners. Most of the time, back jobs require additional materials and work to solve. A worse case scenario is that most of these problems become permanent and hazardous.

Outdated Materials

Many materials used in houses built long ago can become difficult to find. It’s even a possibility that these materials aren’t even existing anymore because of advances in the field. When this happens, homeowners have two options.

One option is that they use other alternatives to keep and maintain the look of their homes. When the owner of the house opts for this choice, they’ll have to pay extra to look for newer materials that can function and look like the old materials.

Another is that they go the affordable route which entails them to use new materials to totally change the look and appearance of a house. Whatever option that a homeowner opts for will still require them to spend at least a bit more.

The Weirdest Finds

Believe it or not, contractors have a fair share of weird finds when renovating old houses. Due to renovations being an extensive work, every nook and cranny isn’t left behind. A lot of stories such as finding skeletons in secret compartments, finding a hornet’s nest in the air ducts, even finding money can all happen when doing work on old homes.


In the end, renovations are for the better. Not only does it increase the resale value of your homes, but it also makes it a lot safer for you and your family to live. Most certainly, you or any contractors that do the job will encounter at least one problem mentioned above.

From correcting an old wiring problem to stumbling on a trove of cash in your basement, the reality is that we need to do renovations no matter what we encounter. Improvements provide fresh materials that strengthen your home. You can take a look at and other online sources for a look at high-quality material for your projects.

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