Taste some of the most delicious Trang Tien ice-cream

Trang Tien ice cream is a famous snack brand in Hanoi, when you remind someone about Trang Tien, a lot of people will suddenly remember Hanoi and the styles of Hanoi. Especially, in summer, when the weather become hotter, there is no one can refuse the attraction of ice cream which is made of Trang Tien brand.

Trang Tien ice cream and Our childhood

It is probably the oldest ice cream company in Hanoi. Since 1958, this ice cream has been established and become popular until now. This name also originated from the first production, which located in number 35 Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem.Taste some of the most delicious Trang Tien ice-cream

Currently, there are many shops, restaurants, street stalls which are selling Trang Tien ice cream, including branded ice cream, however, finding a real Trang Tien brand ice cream is not an easy mission for everyone, particularly, travelers who are first time visit Hanoi. Going through Westlake or Sword lake, there are uncountable shops where are selling Trang Tien ice creams. Some of new productions have the same name with original Trang Tien ice cream, nevertheless, loyal customers are still coming to number 35 Trang Tien street, which is the first factory of Trang Tien ice cream. In addition, I remember that there is also a very famous shop named “Bodega” which located at 57 Trang Tien street, also produces Ice cream, this shop originated from a coffee shop, but this shop is still famous because of it old fashion and distinctive ice cream flavor. It is worth to try one time when you have a chance to visit Hanoi.

Bodega Trang Tien ice cream shop, which seems to be a strange name, but with many old people, it is a good destination for Hanoians relax, get a cup of coffee, taste a cone of ice cream in summer, even in autumn or winter. Established more than 40 years, the name of the shop came from the Bodega hotel, they have a same owner, firstly, the purpose of the hotel owner opened this cafeteria to serve their hotel’s customers. After that, the demand of development need the cafeteria open for public, so it changed the original purpose, but it was a pivotal change, it made Bodega more famous and impressive to Hanoi residents.

Bodega’s Trang Tien ice cream is more special than Trang Tien original ice cream because of the amount of milk in the ice cream. Therefore, the aroma and sweetness of ice cream is always stronger than other stores. Nearly 10 years ago, when imported ice cream and ice cream stores were not so popular, Bodega sold 3000-4000 cone cream per day. Recently, the competition between ice cream producer much more severe, nonetheless, Bodega has still sold more than 1000 ice cream per day, most of them are loyal customers who have visited them in a long time. Why don’t you visit them right now? The airfare to Hanoi, Vietnam now is really cheap, to get the best price of air ticket, please visit just fly to get more information

Its diversify

Trang Tien ice cream and its diversify

Trang Tien ice cream has many flavors, such as fatty green beans, light bitter chocolate, sweet nutmeg, sweet milk… you can choose the most favorite flavor. The softness of the ice cream does not match with the crunchy cinnamon shell, but the color, it is so elegant and interlocking.

Although the Trang Tien brand is well-known in Vietnam, customers love to enjoy it but the price of ice cream is extremely low, only from 5.000 – 20.000 vnd for a cream (just below 1 usd).

Number 35 Trang Tien street ice cream shop is opened 4 seasons; in summer customers can enjoy the cool taste, but in winter, these creams can retain the sweet flavor and not too cold. Many foreign tourists come to Hanoi and they must try T.T ice cream at least one time. Another special feature of TrangTien ice cream store, they do not have seats, people come here have to queue to buy an ice cream, then they will have to stand outside to taste it, maybe you can have chance to eat ice cream with a Vietnamese style.

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